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Worshipping Beer @ Temple 精酿啤酒芳香在墨尔本发酵

Nicholas Pang

Temple Brewing Co., Director

What makes Temple Beer so unique is the fact that it is brewed fresh with no preservatives. Produce of choice sourced from Australia and New Zealand are used together with roasted grains, and hops. It has its own unique style stemming from the way it is brewed. The idea would be to brew beer that is not complicated but just a good beer to drink.

Nicholas Pang who was a specialist in corporate restructuring, found himself attracted to the challenge posed by the craft beer industry. In Australia the craft beer industry is considered to be in the early stages yet but has the potential to be as big and as popular as the Australian wine industry today. It is still considered a fledgling industry on the international arena as well.

Temple Brewing Company has five types of beer tap with three bottled beers and are about to bottle their fourth beer. The two all-time constant beers at Temple are “Bicycle Beer” and “Anytime IPA”. Other crafted beers available which may be seasonal are the “New World Order”, “Rye Hard IPA”, “Power Stance”, “Hazy Dayz”, and “Scarlet Super”.

So come on in and be a part of Temple – where beer is worshipped and no detail is overlooked.

Nicholas Pang,原本任职四大国际会计师事务所之一普华永道的经理,


Temple Brewing Co – 这家由来自各方创意人士联合注资经营的精酿啤酒酒吧,Nicholas Pang 也是其中一位注资者。


我们觉得精酿啤酒在澳大利亚的市场前景可以期待。” Nicholas 马来西亚出生,目前为澳大利亚公民,现在是Temple Brewing Co 的董事经理,他的专长和嗜好显得精彩,除了本身持有健身教练资格证,也对现代艺术有涉猎。

Temple Brewing 每到营业时刻都是一片觥筹交错,欢笑干杯声不断。当然,现场最关键的主角就是-啤酒。除了他们主打的 Bicycle Beer Anytime IPA,其他口味的啤酒是附和季节变化,相当有创意和新鲜感。

随着登场的 New World Order (浓郁烟草、浆果和咖啡口感)Rye Hard IPA (橙色燃烧风味,有柑橘果香味融合)Hazy Dayz (草和丁香占主导地位)

Power Stance (100%德国比尔森啤酒麦芽,辣味重)Scarlet Super (水果酸味和蔓越莓香味混合)