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Patrick Ng, formerly from Johore, Malaysia is now a leading architect and company director of Strata PNA and OYOB Property

Imagine as an adolescent, arriving in a foreign country short of cash, not knowing anyone and having no resources or accommodation. 

This is how Patrick Ng remembers his first day in the country in 1978. Then at 19, it was a day he’ll never forget because the humble beginnings did not foretell the exciting and successful career that was to follow.

“I came from Johore, Malaysia, during the time of Gough Whitlam’s free education policy  to study Architecture at RMIT. While I was excited to start my new life here, the policy was at its tail end and it was offered to me at the last minute which left me completely unprepared. 

Thankfully, a Monash Uni student coordinator was able to help me with accommodation and the rest is history,” recounts Ng. 

In 1994, Ng founded StrataPNA at the age of 35 and today he is the leading architect and co- director of StrataPNA and Own Your Own Block (OYOB), a property development company. 

OYOB’s boutique unit development, The Ultimo at the suburb of Narre Warren

OYOB’s portfolio boasts a multitude of projects in Victoria with a value in excess of $250 million. Its latest, a 410 lot residential land development, is a unique housing estate abutting Kororoit Creek which will be the longest linear park in the state of Victoria upon completion.

Leaders of the Generosity Economy

OYOB has always been the game changer not only in property development, but in its pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Ng, with co-director Dhilharan Sivaratnam, founded OYOB with a unique business model: to build the largest property development community in Australia by making property affordable for everyday Aussies.

But it goes beyond that. OYOB’s 20 staff members and investment community have collectively raised over $1 million over the last 8 years, giving back to communities through what they call the “generosity economy.” 

“We’re so grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded to us and we aren’t just giving back, but are also helping our community grow and engender sustainability in the charities we support,” says Ng.  

This Generosity Economy is the bedrock of OYOB where it extends into the non-profit sector via partnerships with multiple stakeholders to create long-term impact on communities. 

“We’re so grateful for the opportunities afforded to us and we’re not only giving back, but also helping our community grow…”

OYOB is inviting you on its next charitable experience Tuk Tuk ride in Sri Lanka

Giving back in a disruptive way  

OYOB is disrupting the traditional understanding of charity by moving beyond philanthropy. 

Rather, their whole workplace culture and community participate in meaningful experiences to deeply connect with the charity.

Every year, the company and its business community embark on two major philanthropic endeavours raising funds for charitable causes as well as to foster engagement and build strong business bonds through ‘shared experiences’.

So while OYOB has always supported local charities, it was in 2012 that Ng was introduced to Peter Baines, the founder of Hands Across The Water (HATW or Hands), a phenomenal charity caring for at-risk children for the last 15 years throughout Thailand.

Hands’ shared experience bike rides are life-changing and impactful both for the children and donors.
Seeing the impact of funds raised firsthand is deeply meaningful and fun

OYOB was especially engaged with Hands because of its unique model of ‘shared experiences’ in the form of bike rides and its highly successful business engagement programs.

For its bike rides, the challenge of a highly engaging 500km ride is not only life-changing and impactful that it ‘gives back’ to donors,  but also delivers significant funding to children in need.

OYOB is disrupting the traditional understanding of charity by moving beyond philanthropy.”

Every rider raises funds before embarking on the five-day 500km bike ride journey. 

“We instantly form incredible bonds with fellow riders as we’re pushed beyond our comfort zones and celebrate our achievements collectively.  In addition, staff commitment has grown and we have been able to foster trust in business that years of meetings would not have achieved,” said Ng who’s completed his fourth 500km bike ride this year.

Following the April Thai bike ride, OYOB will embark on its fourth charitable shared experience in September: its Tuk Tuk ride in Sri Lanka to empower disadvantaged rural communities. OYOB is working to better publicise this unique charity model in Melbourne and is seeking for strategic partners to create a larger and more sustainable impact. 

“For those who would like to be involved,  we’ll again host a Charity Gala Ball in June to raise funds for these communities and celebrate our achievements in life and business. 

Join us and come along for the ride of your lifetime.” 

For more info, contact FELICITY at 03 9818 1467 or email

At time of print, OYOB’s Gala Ball in June will be deferred to September 2020. Please contact us for enquiries. 

OYOB empowers lives in rural Thailand and rural Sri Lanka


这就是 Patrick Ng -黄福来,回忆着他在 1978 年抵达澳大利亚的第一天。那年才19岁的他,永远不会忘记那天的情景,也因为上述苦涩且卑微的开端,根本无法预示他未来激动人心和成功的职业生涯。

“我出生自马来西亚柔佛州,由于受惠 Gough Whitlam’s 免费教育政策,我得以在皇家墨尔本理工大学攻读建筑学。虽然在这里开展新生活令人兴奋,但由于在最后一刻获得这项政策优惠,我完全没有充分准备。庆幸的是,一位莫纳什大学的学生协调员最终帮我解决了住宿问题。”

1994年,PatrickNg在35岁时创立了StrataPNA,如今他除了身为StrataPNA 的首席建筑师,还是一家名为Own Your Own Block(拥有你自己的宅基地),简称OYOB房地产开发公司的联席董事。

OYOB在维多利亚拥有超过2.5亿澳元的多元投资组合项目。这是一个具备410地块的住宅开发项目,作为独特的住宅区,毗邻Kororoit Creek,建成后将是维多利亚州最长的线型公园。

OYOB一直在引领改变游戏规则风潮,不仅在房地产开发中,也同样展现在其企业社会责任 (CSR) 领域上的追求。Patrick Ng 与联席董事Dhilharan Sivaratnam 创造了OYOB独特的商业模式:在澳大利亚建立最大的房地产开发社区,让更多一般澳大利亚人负担得起房屋资产。




因此,虽然OYOB一直支持当地的慈善机构,但直到2012年,Patrick Ng才结识了Peter Baines,也就是Hands Across the Water (HATW或Hands) 的创始人,这是一个在过去15年里在泰国照顾高危与不幸儿童的杰出慈善机构。


而每位骑手在开始为期五天的500公里骑单车之旅前皆会筹集资金。“当我们成功超越舒适区,并共同庆祝成就时刻,我们会立即与其他骑手建立不可思议的联系。此外,除了增进员工的奉献感,我们还建立起多年会议无法实现的业务信任感。”他也在今年完成本身第四次500公里骑单车比赛。在4月份泰国骑单车之后,OYOB将在9月份开始第四次慈善共享经验:在斯里兰卡进行 Tuk Tuk 车骑行活动,增强弱势农村社区的能力。OYOB正在努力透过墨尔本积极宣扬这项独特的慈善模式,并正在寻求战略合作伙伴以创造更大、更具可持续性的影响。


欲知更多信息,请联系FELICITY, 03 9818 1467或电子邮件


By Karina Foo


OSK Property’s award-winning $2.8 billion mixed-use Melbourne Square development is a vertical village within a network of elevated gardens and spaces set to transform a key part of Melbourne.

Spanning an entire block in the heart of Southbank’s world-class arts precinct, the project will add six new skyscrapers to Melbourne’s growing skyline and offer residents and the community a new fully integrated precinct.

Once completed, the development will consist of four residential towers, a commercial office tower, a new five-star Hilton Hotel, Southbank’s largest public park, a new childcare centre, and mixed retail including the suburb’s first full-line Woolworths supermarket.

Apartment layouts range from compact one-bedroom residences, up to expansive five-bedroom penthouses, all featuring stunning views ranging from Melbourne’s CBD skyline to Albert Park Lake and Port Phillip Bay, as well as the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne’s outer-east.

Cox Architecture’s awe-inspiring external design, coupled with Carr Design’s bold interiors saw the project awarded the Residential High Rise Architecture Award Australia and Mixed-use Development Award Australia at the 2019 Asia Pacific Property Awards in Bangkok – which is part of the International Property Awards. 

Progressive completions in Stage 1 are expected in February, June and October 2020, with further stages at Melbourne Square to be completed until 2025. 

侨丰产业(OSKProperty)斥资28亿澳元的获奖多功能用途发展项目-墨尔本广场(Melbourne Square)是一个垂直城市综合社区,构筑的高架花园和空间网络将是改变墨尔本地标的关键部分。




由国际著名建筑设计事务所 Cox Architecture 携手室内设计名家 Carr Design Group 所呈献的这项杰出作品,也在2019年于曼谷举行的亚太房地产大奖上荣获澳大利亚住宅高层建筑奖和澳大利亚多功能用途开发奖,这是国际房地产大奖的一部分。


Voci Classiche 经典之声

Voci Classiche’s the Dynamic Duo deliver world class entertainment every time with intimate venue options from piano to spectacular eight-piece orchestral accompaniment.

Cosimo Ciccone and Rada Tochalna deliver unforgettable moving music performances that leave audiences in awe. Based in Melbourne, Australia, they offer performances for: private, corporate, industry and global audiences. Their performances aren’t simply music… it’s an art form. Truly theatrical in their delivery, Cosimo and Rada know how to captivate your guests’ attention so that your event is memorable long after the events conclusion.

Winners of numerous international music competitions and having a combined musical training from the USA, Italy, Switzerland and Russia, both are world-class performers in their own right having sung with orchestras and graced the best concert stages throughout Europe and North America.

Voci Classiche has a successful repertoire allowing you to choose from a mix of classical (i.e. Neapolitan songs, opera, etc) and musical theatre tailored for your event needs. 

Please contact us to organise your entertainment needs. 



 T: +61 452 419 472

一个充满活力的二重奏组合 – Voci Classiche,每次演出都带来世界级的娱乐体验,从悠扬的钢琴到雄壮的八段管弦乐伴奏,展现绝佳的音乐盛宴。

而 Cosimo Ciccone 和 Rada Tochalna 的音乐表演总是令观众惊叹不已。他们驻扎澳大利亚墨尔本,为私人、企业、行业领域和全球观众倾力演出。而他们的表演不仅仅是音乐……却是一种艺术形式。身为最专业的表演者,Cosimo 和 Rada 善于捕捉观众的注意力,让您的活动或宴会可以在宾客心中留下持久印象。


Voci Classiche 拥有一项既定成熟的曲目编排,可以从古典 (例如:那不勒斯歌曲、歌剧等) 和音乐剧中选择符合您的活动或者盛会主题需求的曲目。


T: +61 452 419 472

Image(s) courtesy of Maria Savelieva