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Steven Yang

Executive Chef of Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

Perfectly situated in the core of the hustling and bustling Shanghai city, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre holds a superb five stars when it comes to location, service, facilities and comfort. However, if one is not staying in the hotel as a guest, they should still definitely find time to dine in it’s Man Ho Chinese restaurant, a beautiful Chinese restaurant serving authentic Shanghainese cuisine.

EZ had a rare opportunity to chat with Executive Chef, Steven Yang, who specializes in Chinese cuisine. From the conversation, it is obvious that Steven is not only talented but passionate about his cooking especially when he described the restaurant’s three signature Shanghai dishes with pride.

想在高尚豪华且舒适的餐厅里,品尝优质的上海菜色,位于市中心的上海雅居乐万豪酒店里的万豪中餐厅是绝佳的选择。Steven Yang 杨之蔚是个对食材用料十分用心的主厨。万豪中餐厅三道最特色的上海菜式为:花雕醉乳鸽 (preserved pigeon with huadiao wine)、香槽蛋白虎虾球 (fragrant grained tiger prawn with egg white)、大闸蟹粉葱油拌面 (onion oil noodles with hairy crab meat)。

preserved pigeon with huadiao wine
preserved pigeon with huadiao wine


First to be presented was the ever popular Shanghai drunken pigeon. This ‘Preserved Pigeon with Huadiao Wine’ dish is marinated with high quality rice wine above ten years of age together with specially selected herbs and spices for at least three days before carefully sliced and decorated into the shape of a flying pigeon. Customers are guaranteed to fall in love with the flavorful and tastiness of this exquisite dish with one bite.

花雕醉乳鸽 这一道美食呈现美观。乳鸽均衡切片陈列成孔雀形。嫩肉里的浓郁酒香是用上了十年以上的陈年花雕酒,加入各种香料、冰糖、话梅,把乳鸽浸泡上了三天以上才入味的。

Fragrant Grained Tiger Prawn with Egg White
Fragrant Grained Tiger Prawn with Egg White

The next dish incorporates sea catched big tiger prawns imported from other countries. On the menu, the dish is known as the Fragrant Grained Tiger Prawn with Egg White. Customers have praised this dish’s unique presentation because it looks like an art piece. The fresh tiger prawns are precisely cut into the shape of butterflies and served with a special sauce that has a touch of egg white. A first class dish indeed.


Onion Oil Noodle with Hairy Crab Meat
Onion Oil Noodle with Hairy Crab Meat

Nothing concludes a good night out in Shanghai than settling with a nice bowl of noodles. The last dish might look rather plain and simple, but do not let that fool you for the taste says otherwise. Served was a white bowl of noodles topped with some greens and the other was a black bowl of reddish sauce with green peas. A classic case of ‘appearance can be deceptive’, this Onion Oil Noodle with Hairy Crab Meat is not only complicated to prepare but it is also a seasonal menu item which is only available during the hairy crab season. The secret recipe sauce is made up of a perfect balance of hairy crab meat from a male crab and a female crab. Noodles are hand-pulled to perfection and when these two components are delicately combined, it takes on a heavenly taste which no other dish can duplicate.


Frank Sanders, Huck Theng Chng, Steven Yang
Frank Sanders, Ch’ng & Steven Yang

Probuild and World Class Global: Collaborative Construction 携手协同建设

Probuild is one of Australia’s largest construction companies, defined by the people it hires and the partnerships it builds. Victorian Managing Director, Luke Stambolis, says it’s this partnership approach unlocks value and separates the tier-one contractor from its competitors.

“We’ve built a strong reputation over the last 30 years, and our work is of the highest quality, but it’s our people that set Probuild apart from our peers.”
Luke Stambolis – MD to Victoria

“Clients are always praising our ‘make it happen’ attitude. We will go above and beyond to ensure they are satisfied, as we collaborate with them to really get to know their vision and bring it to life.”

One of those ambitious visions belongs to World Class Global, the property development arm of Singapore-listed Aspial Corporation Limited. Probuild and World Class Global are partnering to deliver an iconic 57-level residential tower in Melbourne’s CBD – Avant.

“Being based in Singapore means we need to have a lot of confidence in our partners on the ground to deliver what they’re promising,”
David Ng – CEO
World Class Global

“We certainly have this confidence in Probuild. The team go above and beyond to foster a collaborative relationship and are extremely open with the build process.”

A Jewel in the Melbourne Skyline

At more than 173m high, the visionary design cleverly expresses the geometric nature of the building, enfolding Avant in an elegant weave-like pattern and featuring a striking custom blush-tinted glass exterior.

While the external fins are one of the building’s most spectacular features, they don’t come without their challenges. Installing such detail on high-rises requires precision engineering and smart solutions to be developed.  

For Probuild, that’s meant directly procuring the custom-made fins and installing them before the façade makes its way on to the building. Reducing the time spent on an on-site installation of the intricate and complicated façade, means safety risks are mitigated and construction costs reduced for an enduring skyline.

What’s next?

While Avant Central Melbourne is due for completion in late-2018, future residents won’t have to wait that long before moving into their new homes.

“The first apartments are on track for delivery early next year.  We’re handing over about 190 apartments, before the project’s scheduled completion, which means residents can start moving in creating a new community and World Class Global can commit to its customers exceptional value,” said Mr Stambolis.

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Probuild作为澳大利亚最大型的建筑公司之一,其口碑结构由所雇佣的员工和长期建立的伙伴关系来定义。维多利亚区董事经理Luke Stambolis 认为,类似合作关系具备解锁价值,将一级承包商从竞争对手处成功剥离。


他们 “勇往实践”态度是让客户伙伴们高度赞赏的重点。而且秉持不断超越的信念,确保客户伙伴的满意,因为他们真正了解客户们的愿景,并积极实现。

至于这些雄心伟略的愿景也包括与新加坡上市公司 Aspial Corporation Limited 旗下房地产开发公司 World Class Global 的合作项目计划。Probuild 和 World Class Global 正在携手打造位于墨尔本中央商务区 (CBD) 的标志性57层住宅楼盘- Avant。





“第一期公寓将于明年年初交付使用。在整体项目计划完成之前,我们将交付大约190套公寓,这意味着业主们可以开始着手创建全新的社区,这是 World Class Global 向其客户承诺的超值服务。” Stambolis说。

“总部设在新加坡意味着我们需要对现地的合作伙伴拥有更多的信心,拭目以待他们兑现承诺。我们当然对 Probuild 有着无比信心,团队超越了一般建立的合作关系,并且在构建过程中呈现开放思维。”
David Ng – 首席执行员
World Class Global



What governs Penang’s uniqueness is mainly the multi-racial communities that have been residing in this Malaysian state for three generations, if not more. With them come a myriad of flavours that have catapulted Penang into one of the best food cities in the world. However, Penang is much more than just exotic flavours that can make your taste buds dance. Prettily framing this, due to its multi-cultural factor, Penang boasts many colourful and immensely memorable events and festivals that happen all year round comprising religion, culture and arts.

Most will already know of the acrobatic lion dances that happen on Penang’s streets during Chinese New Year, the intricate weaving of ketupat during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and the unbelievable body piercings that are paraded during Thaipusam. There are also the more gentle stirrings of sweet rice in round pots over open fire during Pongal and the stamina-testing sport of the Dragon Boat Festival as well as Penang Bridge International Marathon that attract participants from all over the world.

Besides these, home-grown arts festivals unique to Penang such as the month-long George Town Festival and the three back to back festivals (10 Days 3 Festivals), that include George Town Literary Festival, The In-between Arts Festival and Penang Island Jazz Festival, are quickly becoming a sole reason for global travellers to descend on this state around August, November and December, respectively. Other annual events that attract hordes of visitors from near and far are the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Penang Anime Matsuri and Penang International Food Festival.

Anytime through January to December, Penang welcomes you with colourful and vibrant events that promises an unforgettable experience. Here’s where the festivities never end.

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