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Hawker Chan – A MICHELIN Guide Restaurant in Melbourne 了凡 – 墨尔本亲民米其林一星

When the revered Michelin Guide awarded a Singapore street vendor one of its coveted stars in 2016, people took notice: Chef Chan Hon Meng’s s2 soya sauce chicken had become the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred meal.

Queues began to form at Meng’s stall, Hawker Chan, inside Singapore’s Chinatown Food Complex, and they haven’t stopped.

When Hawker Chan opened its Melbourne store the trend followed through and queues were seen all the way till the main streets.

The true secret to the taste and popularity lies in Chef Chan’s secret sauce which he makes it in a dark secret room. Accompanied with a plate of soft and fluffy jasmine rice, it truly brings the taste of south east Asia to the shores of Melbourne.

The limited menu mirrors Singapore’s with some local adaptations. In addition to the famous Hong Kong style crisp-skin chicken dish you can order roast pork, char siew barbequed or pork ribs. All are available with noodles or rice.





Hawker Chan Melbourne

Address : 157 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.    |    Tel : +61 3 9650 8808    |    Website :

Exquisite Chinese Dining in Yue 从传统中创新惊喜的「粵」 

Tucked away from the hustling and bustling city center of Hong Kong in the North Point lies a very special 1 Michelin Star restaurant located on the first floor of the City Garden Hotel, Hong Kong. ‘Yue’ meaning Cantonese in Chinese, is the name of this restaurant serving contemporary Cantonese cuisine. Its master chefs create unique delicacies that incorporate the fundamentals of traditional Chinese cooking. Yue Restaurant has been receiving the 1 Star Michelin Awards for many years consecutively, showing its persistence towards the spirit of maintaining its quality of food and customer satisfaction. Not only is Yue a Michelin Star restaurant, some of its dishes have also won various awards in the culinary industry presented by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. 

‘Steamed Minced Pork with Foie Gras and Scallops’ 

(Gold with Distinction Award, 2015 Best of the Best Culinary Awards by Hong Kong Tourism Board – Minced Meat Dish Category)

This very clever dish is served with an impressive sizzling hot stone pot where the carefully selected ingredients each compliment another to achieve an ultimate taste. Fresh spring onions, salted egg, South Australian scallops, braised red wine foie gras and well minced pork crowned with a gastronomical sauce ball are all steamed to perfection. One would have to break the sauce ball to allow the sauce flow out from its mold. This dish is ready to be tasted once the sizzling sound is heard.

‘Gold Coast Starlight’ Shrimp dumpling, golden crispy taro dumpling and baked puff pastry

(Gold Award, 2011 Best of the Best Culinary Awards -Dim Sum Category)

Gold Coast Starlight is not one dish but a combination of three very uniquely crafted dim sum servings served on one plate. The shrimp dumpling comes in a bamboo steamer whereas the golden crispy taro dumpling is made with cheese and seafood sitting on a flower shaped cracker. Last is the baked puff pastry with egg custard that is moulded into the shape of a very cute little chicken. 

‘Seared Star Garoupa Fillet with Fish Maw on Egg White with Truffles Sauce’ 

(Gold with Distinction Award, 2010 Best of the Best Culinary Awards – Seafood Category)

This award-winning dish consist of many unique and vibrant colours, allowing diners to easily mistake this dish for a dessert at first glance. There are four layers to this dish, the very top is a perfect combination of freshly cooked sea caught Garoupa and fish maw with a pinch of fine black truffles. Beneath this lay three striking layers of colours where the top orange layer is made from carrot, followed by a green layer from green vegetables and pure egg white as the cushioning. 

‘Scallop and Sakura-bi Rice Cannelloni’

(Gold Award, 2016 Best of the Best Culinary Awards – Dim Sum (Rice Rolls) Category)

If translated directly from its Chinese description, this 2016 Gold Award winning dish literally means the ‘Rice Cannelloni Pearl’, which fits perfectly because of how this dish is presented. There are two main preparations to this dish. First, the master chef would have to fry the inner ingredients before wrapping it in a soft layer of steamed rice cannelloni. Next, a gastronomical 

sauce ball is placed on top before it is served on a seashell, perfectly resembling a pearl from a shell. 


「粵」菜单上得奖的粤菜有:“雪嶺紅梅映松露”、“白翠紅玉藏珍地”、“亮点 : 笋尖鲜虾饺皇、海皇芝心芋角、奶黄金鸡酥”、“珍珠肠粉”等等。

“笋尖鲜虾饺皇、海皇芝心芋角、奶黄金鸡酥(荣获2011美食之最大赏金奖-点心组)” 就是用不同手法呈现的虾饺、芋角和奶黄酥,玲珑可爱,看了很舍不得吃。



(荣获2015年度美食之最大赏至高荣誉金奖 – 肉饼组)


English text by CHT, Chinese text & photography by Layzhoz Yeap

Probuild Currently constructing 155,000m2 commercial office space across Australia 占地15.5万平方米商业办公空间 在澳大利亚各处如火如荼的建设中

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From an asset perspective, a commercial office building also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate tenants large and small, efficient in both moving people around and energy usage, as well as have adaptability to house the latest technology – all at a low operating expenditure.

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从资产的角度视察,商业办公楼尚需要足够的灵活性来容纳大大小小的租户,高效处理人员流动和配置能源使用,且具备容纳最新技术的适应性 – 所有这些必须确保低运营成本。