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Secure a perfect community living for you and your loved ones at Underbank 确保您与所爱家人拥有完美的社区生活

Furthering the concept of community living and providing one of Victoria’s most picturesque landscapes in the heart of Bacchus Marsh, Underbank is a lot more than an ordinary master-planned community. Once an old stud farm, it has been thoughtfully designed to emerge as one of the most preferred places to buy a home in Victoria. Whether you are looking for an affordable size lot of less than 400 sq. meters or a sizeable block ranging from 800-1000 sq. meters or even an exhilarating riverside lot, this place has something for everyone’s need. Offering a comfortable urban life with breath-taking view and all the requisite amenities starting at a reasonable rate of just $253,000 makes Underbank a perfect place for first-time homebuyers. You just need to get in touch with their team and the best people will assist you in bringing your dream home into a reality.

Its location is the icing on the cake! Located in the heart of the town and having proximity to the Bacchus Marsh Train Station and Western Freeway, the place has been thoughtfully built keeping in view the comforts of urban living for its residents. In addition to that, it also has an easy access to the Melbourne CBD.

Be it food or your health, education, or leisure; Underbank has much more to offer than a mere luxury apartment. This place has everything available for its residents that one could ever think of; from mesmerising views and landscapes to an exclusive town centre with good cafes, restaurants, and retail spaces for an alluring dining experience, from a magnificent clubhouse to a huge play area with all sporting facilities, lush green streets to walk, a huge swimming pool and a toddler pool, well-equipped gym, private area for meetings and events and everything else that you need for a comfortable living. Alongside a natural lake, Underbank’s Town Centre is its crowning accomplishment. It is not just a hub of food outlets and supermarkets but also has a provision for a farmer’s market, which allows the residents to directly buy from the regional producers.

As much as they care for your convenience, they are also adamant about environmental protection and sustainable living. Underbank has an intimate connection with Mother Nature; surrounded by exuberant greenery, natural waterways, and wide-open spaces, it brings nature right to your doorstep. The rich heritage of Underbank as farmland of unique flora and fauna is being kept alive at every corner of the strategically designed landscape.

If you are looking for a perfect blend of nature, comfort and serenity at the most affordable price and as per your convenient size, Underbank is your place! So, without wasting much time, take this opportunity to secure a perfect community living with all the modern-day conveniences and a flourishing view for you and your family by registering your interest at You may also visit for a more holistic view.

为了推进美好社区生活的概念,作为维多利亚最优美的景观之一,巴克斯马什(Bacchus Marsh)的心脏区域–Underbank超越了一般整体规划社区的既定印象。这个前身为养马场的领域,在历经精心设计后,脱颖而出成为维多利亚热门的购房地点之一。无论您是否正在寻找一个可负担的、小于400平方英尺的面积,或规模较大,范围从800至1000平方英尺的空间,甚至是心旷神怡的河边地段,这个社区皆是汇集各种需求的最佳选择。仅付出25.3万澳元的合理价格,为首次购房者提供舒适、美丽的城镇生活和一切必要设施,Underbank是梦寐以求的完美社区。仅需要和他们的团队取得联系,上述提供最贴心服务的人们将可实现您的梦想。



如果您正在寻找自然、舒适和宁静的完美结合,而且还讲究最实惠价格和适宜家居空间,Underbank将是您的头号心仪目标!所以,不要浪费太多时间,抓住这个机会,通过在 上注册,展示您的兴趣,为自己和家人确保一个完美的社区生活,同时拥有现代便利设施和丰富的景观。您也可以浏览 以获得更全面的资讯和想法。

80 Collins Reinvigorating Melbourne重新活络墨尔本心脏

Farmer’s Daughters © Kate Shanasy

80 Collins, Melbourne’s swankiest landmark addition in the CBD for luxury in dining and retail, is set to reinvigorate the city’s pulse with a new network of laneways leading to a discovery of highly curated flagship and concept fashion brands, offices, unique restaurants, champagne bars and artisan cafes with a signature 255-room boutique hotel activating the precinct 24/7.

Spectacular dining experiences await in locations such as Farmer’s Daughters, Handpicked Cellar Door, Nick & Nora’s, Next Hotel Melbourne’s La Madonna and Ingresso, Maverick, Bowls Baby, People’s Coffee, Upstate Coffee, Society, Yakimono or indulge in retail therapy with the likes of flagship stores for Saint Laurent, Golden Goose and FEIT, as well as Mulberry, Georg Jensen and Şener Besim’s eponymous concept store, Şener Besim. Anticipate the opening announcements of more exceptional retail and dining venues soon!

作为墨尔本最新的奢华地标–80 Collins将以独具一格的餐饮和零售商店体验,重振并活络墨尔本的心脏脉搏。透过全新打造的巷道网络,展现高度策划的旗舰和概念时尚品牌,从办公室,独特的餐厅,香槟酒吧和手工咖啡馆,还有具备255间客房的标志性精品酒店激活辖区24/7。

而身处 Farmer’s Daughters, Handpicked Cellar Door, Nick & Nora’s, Next Hotel Melbourne’s La Madonna and Ingresso, Maverick, Bowls Baby, People’s Coffee, Upstate Coffee, Society, Yakimono 等特色精选餐厅,您可以拥有最佳的餐饮感受,或者在 Saint Laurent, Golden Goose 和 FEIT 等旗舰店享受购物乐趣,还有 Mulberry, Georg Jensen 和 Şener Besim 的同名概念店 Şener Besim。敬请期待更多特色的零售和餐饮场所的开业公告!

让我们充满活力的城市和商店中心带领您的脚步,一站式的用餐、驻留和工作聚焦点,只有在 80 Collins。

Three-Michelin star restaurants 米其林三星餐厅

Widely regarded as the hallmark of fine dining, the Michelin star is arguably one of the most sought-after awards for many chefs, and is the sign of dining excellence.
There are currently four restaurants in the United Kingdom which hold three Michelin stars.


The Waterside Inn

The Restaurant was founded by the brothers Michel and Albert Roux and currently run by Michel’s son, Alain. Gaining their first Michelin star in 1974 when the guide originally came out, a second followed in 1977, and in 1985 the Waterside Inn was awarded three-Michelin-star status. Today, no other British restaurant can claim to have held three Michelin stars for so long.

名厨世家─鲁氏所经营的餐厅,也是英国历来稳守三星地位最久的餐厅。此餐厅是由鲁氏兄弟创设,如今已传给第二代的 Alain Roux 掌厨。他们于1974年在米其林首次在英国发布指南即获一星,相隔三年摘得二星,并于1985年获颁三星迄今,是英国史无前例的创举。

Address: Ferry Road, Bray, Berkshire SL6 2AT
Contact: +44 1628 620691

Business Hours: 
Lunch 12pm – 2pm, Dinner 7pm – 10pm
Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays

The Fat Duck, Bray

oak moss

Housed in an unassuming cottage in the village of Bray, around an hour’s drive from London, Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck is anything but ordinary. Being awarded three Michelin stars since 2017 saw it join an elite group of the world’s best restaurants. Described as a dining experience rather than simply dining, the menu comprises of an itinerary with no details of the meal itself, adding the mystery of the experience.

这家设在布雷偏乡村舍的餐厅距离伦敦仅是一小时的路程,名厨Heston Blumenthal的“肥鸭”以邀食客赴一场惊艳的味蕾之旅而享誉全城,其无菜单料理以分子料理为核心,让食客步步惊叹的走进了饮食世界,因而于2017年获颁三星迄今。摘得二星,并于1985年获颁三星迄今,是英国史无前例的创举。

Address: High Street, Bray, Berkshire, SL6 2AQ
Contact: +44 1628 580 333

Business Hours:
Lunch 12pm – 1.15pm Dinner 7pm – 8.15pm
Closed on Sundays & Mondays.

© Romas Foord / The Fat Duck
Mock Turtle Soup

The Araki

© Greg Fonne / The Araki

A tiny sushi bar in Mayfair is a 10-seat restaurant priced at £300 per person for its set menu (beverage not included), makes it one of the most expensive sushi restaurant in London. Chef Mitsuhiro Araki gained his first three stars back in his restaurant in Tokyo which he had closed down in 2014 for a fresh start in London.


Address: Unit 4, 12 New Burlington St, London W1S 3BF
Contact: +44 20 7287 2481

Business Hours:
Dinner only from Tuesday to Sunday
First sitting: 6pm, Second sitting: 8.30pm

© Greg Fonne / The Araki

Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester

© Pierre Monetta

Honoured with three Michelin stars since 2010, Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester is a restaurant located in The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, London that opened in November 2007. Alain Ducasse is one of the world’s most decorated chefs and holds a total of 21 Michelin stars, three of which adorn his restaurant here at The Dorchester.


Address: The Dorchester Park Lane London W1K 1QA
Contact: +44 20 7629 8866

Business Hours:
Lunch Tuesday to Friday 12pm – 1.30pm
Dinner Tuesday to Saturday 6.30pm – 9.30pm

© Pierre Monetta