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Melbourne’s Best Quality Apartments Handed Over

Avant Central Melbourne – The 50-storey residential tower in Melbourne’s CBD was handed over three months early with an incredibly low purchaser defect rate of less than one per apartment.

Two and a half years ago leading Australian construction company Probuild set to make a quantum shift in its production outputs and waste reduction. As part of this shift, it strived to eliminate inefficient process, optimise production speeds and reduce rework.

Probuild says, this is because they understand that particularly in the residential product line, settlement risks and body corporate call backs are at the highest level of concerns to its clients, financiers and ultimately, apartment buyers.

So in 2015, the company set a target of no more than two purchaser defects per apartment. Given that most apartments are handed over with three, four, five times this amount of purchaser defects, that number was particularly ambitious.

EZ Australia magazine observes that at the conclusion of more than 2000 apartments, handed over at recent residential high-rise projects Avant, Empire Melbourne, Marina Tower and Victoria One, Probuild achieved a staggering average purchaser defect of less than one per apartment.

The company has proudly achieved this through a cultural shift, supported by the implementation of robust systems and handover processes that make up the Probuild Construction System (PCS).

“Quality buildings don’t just happen and Probuild is on a continual mission to achieve zero purchaser defects. We do this by getting the best out of our supply chain to deliver and de-risk a total end-to-end solution – on site. You can’t outsource production challenges.

“We believe in getting the job done right, after all, can you afford it any other way?” – Luke Stambolis

Probuild’s happy clients at these projects include: Golden Age Group, World Class Global, Mammoth Empire and Hiap Hoe. The company said they would like to thank these developers for giving them for the opportunity to deliver you such premium quality buildings.

“Our Project Management partners at these projects have also been a fantastic support,” said Mr Stambolis.

“Sinclair Brook, Time and Place, PDS Group and KIN Property have all been great to work with.”

Michelin star in Melbourne – Hawker Chan 墨尔本亲民 米其林一星 – 小贩陈翰铭

Known as the world cheapest Michelin-Starred eatery, the Singaporean food stall Hawker Chan opened in Melbourne, December 2017. Providing Melbourne with the tastes of barbeque dishes; namely its signature soy chicken and rice that really impressed critics.

Australia’s first spin off of the original, which started in 2009 and earned Chef Chan Hong Meng his first Michelin star in 2016. This 92-seater restaurant was built for function and efficiency; there is no table service, and often lines that snake out the door. Diners will queue at the counter to place orders or use the self-ordering system (EFTPOS only), collecting their tray when their number flashes up on the wall mounted screens before finding their tables.

 Hakwer Chan2.jpg

Hawker Chans signature dish, Chicken and Rice is a Budget-Busting $6.80, with a portion that will delight, and leave room for more. The chook is locally sourced, then chopped to order, crisp skinned and succulent having been basted in Chans sweet soy marinade; made in Singapore and dispatched to his outposts in Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and Australia. In addition to the soya chicken, there’s also roast pork, char siew (barbeque pork) and pork rib, which come with a choice of rice and noodles. Side dishes are also available of Thai-style tofu, a wonton soup, soy bean sprouts and seasonal vegetables.

With 1000-plus diners every day, it can be loud and hectic, but the service is swift, and while portions aren’t huge, nor are the prices. So if you haven’t already, get in early experience Hawker Chans on Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, before the queue starts.




 Hakwer Chan1.jpg特色三拼




Hawker Chan Melbourne

Address : 157 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Tel         : +61 3 9650 8808

Website  :


John Pawson, a British architectural designer whose work is known for its minimalist aesthetic, has restored a former French hospital and monastery in Tel Aviv‘s oldest, most vibrant neighborhood into the Jaffa Hotel. Together with conservationist architect Ramy Gill and a team of restoration experts, Pawson transformed the 19th century, Neo-Roman landmark for over a decade, maintaining the raw untouched surfaces and blending old with new.

The hotel occupy adjacent plots by the sea in Jaffa – Tel Aviv’s oldest district. Pawson has added a new six-storey wing to house 38 luxury apartments overlooking the 4,000-year-old port, the Mediterranean sea, and the city. The design merges Pawson’s minimalist style with traditional Middle Eastern architecture, converse with mid-century design classics from Shiro Kuramata and Pierre Paulin, topped with modern art by Damien Hirst. 

Alongside photography by Israeli artist Tal Schochat, the remnants of a 13th-century crusader’s bastion wall, uncovered during the excavation of the project, is now part of the modernist lobby.

The hotel is developed by New York-based hotel and real estate company RFR Holding and operated by Marriott’s luxury collection of hotels & resorts.

Jaffa Hotel_5

Jaffa Hotel_4

以极简主义美学而闻名的英国建筑设计师John Pawson,他将以色列城市特拉维夫最古老、最富活力街区一家前身为法国医院和修道院的建筑物改造为雅法酒店(Jaffa Hotel)。而 Pawson 是联合自然保护主义者建筑师 Ramy Gill,还有一个修复专家团队一起工作,耗费逾 10 年的时间里将这个19世纪新罗马时代地标改头换面,除了维护原始未被破坏的建筑表面,并将新旧建筑完美地融合交汇。

酒店位于靠近海边的雅法地区——也是特拉维夫最古老的区域。Pawson 为 38 套豪华公寓增加了一个6 层高的新翼楼层,有独立的私人入口,可以尽情俯瞰 4000 年历史的港口、地中海和城市景色。整体设计采用了 Pawson 的简约干净和传统的中东建筑风格,向梦想致敬。

综观酒店风格是以当地文化的细节融入当代主题和模式,加上以色列艺术家 Tal Schochat 的摄影作品点缀所有客房。另外,在项目重建的挖掘途中发现了 13 世纪十字军堡垒残墙遗迹,目前已成为新建筑的现代主义大厅的一部分,与设计师仓右史朗和 Pierre Paulin 的中世纪设计进行经典对话;而顶部则是由 Damien Hirst 的现代艺术作品装潢。该酒店由总部位于纽约的酒店和房地产RFR控股公司所开发,并由万豪奢华酒店品牌及度假村集团运营管理。

Jaffa Hotel_3