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Once Under Water 水下奇境

Over a decade after it was originally conceived, the ambitious InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel is opening to the public. Located in an abandoned quarry in Songjiang, about 30 miles from the city center, the 337 room hotel features panoramic views and several floors that are submerged underwater.

JADE+QA, under the guidance of Martin Jochman, designed the concept and facade. The award-winning design calls for 19 floors, 17 of which plunge down into the depths of the quarry below ground level. Two of the 17 underground floors are actually submerged in a 33-foot-deep aquarium.

One of the most stunning architectural features of the complex is the glass “waterfall” that spills down the side of the quarry and houses an atrium. A glass “waterfall” runs the height of the 19-floor building, housing an indoor atrium.

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel is located in an abandoned quarry and includes an adventure sports center. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is accepting reservations for November 20, 2018 onwards with prices starting at ¥3,380 ($487). 

从最初构想的开始历经逾10个年头后,上海佘山世贸洲际酒店(InterContinental Shanghai)诞生了,这家“奇境”酒店正式开业和对外开放。酒店位于松江一个废弃的采矿坑,距离市中心大约30英里,设有337间拥有全景的豪华客房,而几层楼皆位于水下。


另外,最令人惊叹的建筑特色之一是玻璃“瀑布”,它从采矿坑一侧倾泻并形成一个中庭。上海佘山世贸洲际酒店位于一个成功“点石成金”的废弃采矿坑,同时是一个探险户外活动中心。酒店从2018年11月20日起接受预订,价格从3380人民币起跳 (487美元)。

Gordon Ramsay in Three-Michelin Star Restaurant 戈登拉姆齐-米其林三星餐厅

Widely regarded as the hallmark of fine dining, the Michelin star is arguably one of the most sought-after awards for many chefs, and is the sign of dining excellence. There are currently five restaurants in the UK which hold three Michelin stars and Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is one of them.

Gordon Ramsay’s first solo restaurant that opened in 1998 and later in 2001, earned him his first three-Michelin star that made him the first Scottish chef to have won the ultimate status. Over the years, Ramsay has transformed from a chef to a celebrity, internationally renowned and holding a number of Michelin stars, Ramsay has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe, from Italy to the United States. However, this Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the beginning of all the successful stories. In 2015, Matt Abé was appointed Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant. 

Summer tartlets


地狱厨神戈登拉姆齐的首家餐厅是于1998年在伦敦开设,而该餐厅于2001年获颁三星,也使戈登拉姆齐成为首位获颁三星的苏格兰籍厨师。如今戈登拉姆齐已从名厨发展成明星,他开设无数餐厅也摘星无数,从意大利到美国都可找到其餐厅的踪迹,但这家戈登拉姆齐餐厅却是他发迹的源头。后来于2015,他委任其爱将Matt Abé在此家重要的餐厅掌厨。

Native lobster, heirloom tomato, Tahitian vanilla and basil.

Image(s) Courtesy of Gordon Ramsay Group

Melbourne’s Best Quality Apartments Handed Over

Avant Central Melbourne – The 50-storey residential tower in Melbourne’s CBD was handed over three months early with an incredibly low purchaser defect rate of less than one per apartment.

Two and a half years ago leading Australian construction company Probuild set to make a quantum shift in its production outputs and waste reduction. As part of this shift, it strived to eliminate inefficient process, optimise production speeds and reduce rework.

Probuild says, this is because they understand that particularly in the residential product line, settlement risks and body corporate call backs are at the highest level of concerns to its clients, financiers and ultimately, apartment buyers.

So in 2015, the company set a target of no more than two purchaser defects per apartment. Given that most apartments are handed over with three, four, five times this amount of purchaser defects, that number was particularly ambitious.

EZ Australia magazine observes that at the conclusion of more than 2000 apartments, handed over at recent residential high-rise projects Avant, Empire Melbourne, Marina Tower and Victoria One, Probuild achieved a staggering average purchaser defect of less than one per apartment.

The company has proudly achieved this through a cultural shift, supported by the implementation of robust systems and handover processes that make up the Probuild Construction System (PCS).

“Quality buildings don’t just happen and Probuild is on a continual mission to achieve zero purchaser defects. We do this by getting the best out of our supply chain to deliver and de-risk a total end-to-end solution – on site. You can’t outsource production challenges.

“We believe in getting the job done right, after all, can you afford it any other way?” – Luke Stambolis

Probuild’s happy clients at these projects include: Golden Age Group, World Class Global, Mammoth Empire and Hiap Hoe. The company said they would like to thank these developers for giving them for the opportunity to deliver you such premium quality buildings.

“Our Project Management partners at these projects have also been a fantastic support,” said Mr Stambolis.

“Sinclair Brook, Time and Place, PDS Group and KIN Property have all been great to work with.”