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The Rich Going Under 富豪往海底钻

The struggle of the super-rich today is how to enjoy life even more than just owning magnificent mansions filled with luxury automobiles and probably a super yacht parked at a nearby harbour.

Not to mention the exclusive tailor-made fashion accompanied by million of dollars of exquisite jewelleries, branded watches, bags, etc. Of course it is instinct that some will never admit to any form of major plastic surgeries, claiming that most of the parts are still genuine and natural. So now the question is, what is the luxury frontier for these ultra-rich?

The recent new buzz for those with a lot of spare is to go under. The new toy topping the list of beyond contemporary luxury is a ‘personal’ submarine. Everyone can fly but not many can dive. Imagine being the Captain Nemo, swimming next to a great white or a flock of sardines with some light music and a bottle of fine expensive champagne together with your loved ones – it is going to be well beyond few simple sentences can describe.

Actually, private submarines have been around since a few years ago, but only in the past two years that it has caught the attention of those high net worth. It is believed that there are approximately 100 proud submarine owners in the world sailing in the Seven Seas. However, most prefer to remain anonymous. These mainly two-seater submarines come in a very hefty price tag of around USD1-3.5 million while some of the prices are only available upon request.

Currently, there are not much issues about these cute little swimming machines but many have foreseen that the governments, environmentalists and those affected in one way or the other such as the fishermen will be knocking on their doors.






Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.39.29 PM.pngDeepFlight Dragon
Being the pilot in a boundless sea, the DeepFlight Dragon makes underwater flight to the next level by allowing one to hover and fly.

DeepFlight Dragon私人潜艇


HUBLOT EXOSUIT.jpgHublot Exosuit
The Hublot Exosuit is the latest generation of atmospheric diving that protects pilot from the effects of pressure to perform delicate work at depths of up to 1,000 feet (305 meters) for hours without having to decompress on the way back to the surface with accessories including the full thrusters, grapplin’ claws, LED lights, an HD camera, and the ability to fully move every limb.

Hublot Exosuit深海潜水服

12531_1000x1000The Submarine Sports Carer to submerge, sending the sports caron an underwater adventure. The Submarine Sports Car is the only car that allows two people to navigate underwater with the pull of a lev

The Submarine Sports Car潜水运动车


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.39.40 PMMarion HSPD Hyper-Sub
Hyper-Sub is a high speed, long range surface craft as well as diesel electric submarine. Which is basically half-speedboat (900hp), half-submarine. The submarine that deploys, travels and operates just as easily, quickly and inexpensively, enable end users from all markets to access the sub sea environment for just pennies on the dollar.

Marion HSPD Hyper-Sub动力潜水艇
Marion HSPD Hyper-Sub是一艘以柴油发动机驱使的高速长程动力潜水艇。它被视为快艇(速度达900hp)与潜艇的新型结合体。可在水面航行与水底潜游的MarionHSPD Hyper-Sub动力潜水艇,操作方便简易,加上亲切的售价,大大开拓了消费市场,让更多人得以负担得起的价格,体验水上极限运动的无穷乐趣。

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 1.33.45 PMTriton Submarine
Triton subs were designed exclusively for “yacht-based deployment,” according to the manufacturer. It can take a pilot and two passengers, in perfect comfort and safety, to depths of 3300 feet (1000 meters). Triton offers you an unprecedented opportunity to show friends and family the ocean world to explore the antics of the brilliant fish.

Triton 潜水运动车



Heritage of Speed 极速的遗产

In 1952, a car that could reach a top speed of 120 mph was unheard of until Bentley released its iconic R Type Continental. The four-seater is known as the world’s first Grand Tourer, and only 208 cars were produced, making them the car of the season.

50 years later, this grand dame of the road inspired Bentley’s designers to girt the world the first Continental GT.


The Continental GT echoes the elegance of its R Type predecessor with the three Continental styling cues. First, the seamless curve of the striking power line and second the muscular haunches that indicate the brute force concealed within the updated version of Bentley’s prestigious heritage, built by coachbuilders H.J. Mulliner. The third element is the Continental’s famous swooping, fast roof line.

Almost doubling the performance of its first version, the Continental GT reaches a top speed of 206mph with its W12 power engine to give the world a technological marvel that is the Bentley Continental GT.



欧陆GT呼应R型的优雅前身,还有三个关键线索传承。首先,惊人的力量感曲线,第二元素是宾利著名的遗产和更新版本,车尾部的战斗性肌肉曲线,由经验丰富的H.J. Mulliner车厂制作。最后的线索就是欧陆著名的俯冲,快速的顶线。



Image(s) courtesy of Bentley


‘Striking’ and ‘Seductive’ were the two words used to describe the new Rolls-Royce Dawn by Torstein Mueller-Outdoes, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Hailed as the sexiest Rolls-Royce ever built, Dawn is seen to be setting a new benchmark in open-top, super-luxury motoring for those who wish to bathe in the sunlight in class and style.

Contrary to media speculation, the new Rolls-Royce Dawn is not a Wraith drophead. 80% of the exterior body panels of the new Dawn are newly designed to accommodate an evolution of Rolls-Royce’s design language and to encapsulate highly contemporary, four-seat super-luxury drophead architecture. The aim was clear. To do what no other car manufacturer had achieved so far – make a car that looks as beautiful with its roof up as with it down and the roof had to be graceful, beautiful and sensuous whilst remaining one of the largest canopies to grace a convertible car. One could almost say that the result of the design team’s restless endeavours has been to make the new Rolls-Royce Dawn two cars in one. Deliveries on the new Rolls-Royce Dawn commence in the second quarter of 2016.P90196577_highRes

“惊艳”和“诱惑”是出自劳斯莱斯汽车有限公司的首席执行员 Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes 对于最新劳斯莱斯车款曜影的形容。




而劳斯莱斯曜影将定于 2016 年第二季度完成交付全球首批车主。


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