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Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR 梅赛德斯-奔驰

Where Machine, Human and Nature Combine

How cool it would be for a Mercedes-Benz to be alive? Inspired by the mega hit movie Avatar, an unprecedented global partnership between two great brands have conceptualized the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR that was created with a completely new interaction between human, machine and nature. Imagine being inside this living creature that one only needs to place the hand on the control unit, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognizes the driver by his or her heartbeat and breathing through biometric connection. Not forgetting the immersive experience of space where a menu selection of functionalities will be projected onto the driver’s hand by just simply lifting the hand. Both interior and exterior designs are futuristic yet holistic that were inspired  by creatures in the Avatar movie. 

Besides the fact that this Mercedes-Benz Vision Avatar cannot fly, it has all the out of the world futuristic features that will make the experience of owning a automobile a must have lifestyle for those who can afford on land.

如果一辆奔驰跑车是生物体到底有多酷?受热门电影《阿凡达》的启发,两个大品牌前所未有的全球联动合作,将梅赛德斯-奔驰VISION AVTR概念化,创造了人、机器和自然之间全新互动。想象一下,在这个生物体内,你只需要把手放在控制枢纽上,内部就会有生命,汽车通过生物特征连接,透过心跳和呼吸来识别驾驶者。另外,还有空间沉浸式体验,功能菜单选择都投射在驾驶者的手上,只需轻轻挥动。内部和外部的设计都是未来主义的整体配置,灵感来自电影《阿凡达》中的生物。

奔驰VISION AVTR除了无法飞行这个事实,具有全世界超前的未来形式特质,拥有这辆汽车将成为这片土地上那些有能力的人们趋之若鹜的生活方式。

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The Small But Mighty Rolls-Royce 小巧而弥坚的劳斯莱斯

EZOZ21- R&R 1EZOZ21- R&R 2

When it comes to the brand name Rolls-Royce, it is definitely all about majestic and making one feels on top of the world. So when this king of wheels introduced its Rolls-Royce limited quantity Cullinan 1:8 scale model, it is an amazing work of art in it’s own right with extraordinary workmanship and unrivalled finishing. Each demanding up to 450 hours of precision of work is painstakingly hand crafted from over 1,000 individual components, painted and polished by using the same paint used on a Rolls-Royce Motor Car making it indistinguishable from its big brother. Furthermore this model is USB powered and encompasses full opening and closing features, doors, luggage and engine compartment as well as remote operated LED lighting. This small and mighty Rolls-Royce Cullinan comes in Tungsten or Artic White.


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Hot Drifts & Sub-Zero Temperatures – Porsche Ice Experience 热情似火的漂移 & 冰点以下的气温 – 保时捷凌驾风雪

The pulse of the Porsche Ice Experience beats in the far north of Finland. With temperatures that reach far below freezing, it offers the ideal conditions for pure driving pleasure.

Every year Porsche Enthusiasts travel to Levi from far and wide to test their driving skills in icy conditions, under the expert guidance of the Porsche Ice Experience instructors.

Nestled between the endless pine forests of Lapland are extensive training areas for the three driving programmes: Ice Experience, Ice Force and Ice Force Pro.

Participants learn about accurate braking, evasive manoeuvres or controlled drift on specially prepared sections and handling courses. All with diverse Porsche models – which respond differently to the challenges.

The Porsche Ice Experience truly is the experience of a lifetime– packed with adrenaline and the sheer joy of driving at the limit. The feeling is simply indescribable.

Each year Porsche Centre Doncaster hosts Porsche customers and enthusiasts from Melbourne on this extraordinary adventure.

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