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a Triumph of Custom-Made Craftsmanship 繁复华贵手编霓裳

Inspired by the reminiscent of ancient Hollywood glamorous, tailor-made label PAOLO SEBASTIAN emphasizes on creating whimsical and ethereal pieces to accentuate the beauty of an individual with opulent silks, beaded embellishments and French lace.

American TV presenter Giuliana Rancic, often attends red carpet in PAOLO SEBASTIAN, and her recent appearance in PAOLO SEBASTIAN was at the Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association (ASTRA). Other celebrity supporters of PAOLO SEBASTIAN include

Catt Sadler, Dannii Minogue, Samantha Jade, Shraddha Kapoor and Sonia Kruger.

灵感来自古老的好莱坞迷人的怀旧,手工特制的标签,PAOLO SEBASTIAN 强调创造异想天开和空灵的作品强调一个人的美与华丽的丝绸,串珠装饰和法国蕾丝。繁复的工艺以及奢华的细节,大量运用蕾丝刺绣等元素,把这个来自澳大利亚的品牌显得更奇货可居。

美国电视节目主持人 Giuliana Rancic 经常出席 PAOLO SEBASTIAN 的红地毯,她最近的一次是出现在澳大利亚收费电视和无线电协会 (Astra)有关该品牌的活动。另外,名人支持者也包括 Catt Sadler, Dannii Minogue, Samantha Jade, Shraddha Kapoor Sonia Kruger

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GUCCI Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Ready-To-Wear  秋/冬季新系列 – 细节的诱惑

Gucci’s Autumn/Winter collection for 2015-16 – Ready-To-Wear – celebrates untimely details and quintessential interferences. The show was in the details – the loafers, the bags, the floral prints – and going back to that original idea of Gucci luxury and heritage pieces.

Everything about this collection was soft, youthful and had a sense of freedom. There was also a distinct aristo-Englishness to it, something a little eccentric and ambiguous.

Gucci秋/冬系列 (2015-16) 展现不合时宜的细节但又不突兀的经典。注重细节的皮鞋、箱包,还有典雅的花卉图案……仿佛回到 Gucci奢华又传统的原味。新系列的一切显得温柔而年轻,有一种自由的感觉,当然,也有明显英伦贵族性,加上一点古怪和暧昧作为点缀。

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BVLGARI Roma Turned 40 宝格丽魅惑40

Born in 1975, Bulgari Roma has sailed through four decades with its key values: contemporaneousness and modernity. The new models presented this year – the commemorative edition Bulgari Roma Finissimo, Bulgari Roma Tourbillon Finissimo, Bulgari Bulgari Solotempo, and Bulgari Roma Tubogas – are celebrating the 40th anniversary of a legend which incarnates a large piece of watchmaking history.

Bulgari Roma is designed as a very limited series for the great jewellery House founded in Rome in 1884 by Sotirio Boulgaris and as a gift for his hundred best clients, as well as in tribute to the beauty and influence of Rome.

诞生于1975年,宝格丽Roma成功飞跃40年的关键价值观:融合当代性与现代性。而今年的优美新款–纪念版宝格丽 Roma Finissimo,宝格丽 Roma 陀飞轮 Finissimo,宝格丽宝格丽 Solotempo,宝格丽 Roma Tubogas–庆祝40周年的魅力传说,展现了宏伟的制表历史。

宝格丽 Roma 这个限量版的集精致完美、高科技和前卫于一身,在1884年由罗马优秀的珠宝设计师 Sotirio Boulgaris 作为礼物送给他的百名尊贵客户,赞颂罗马的美妙风情。