Tourbillon’s 220th Anniversary 陀飞轮 旋转220周年

The year 2021 is a significant milestone for Breguet in the luxury watchmaking world. It marks the 220th anniversary of one of the most exquisite watchmaking complications of all time – the Tourbillon.

To commemorate this special moment, Breguet in collaboration with K11 MUSEA, hosted a “Breguet – Inventor of the Tourbillon” Pop-Up event. This event was aimed at sharing the extensive history of the Tourbillon and showcasing the brand’s fascinating Tourbillon timepieces and its intricate craftsmanship. This included the ‘Classique Double Tourbillon 5345 Quai de l’Horloge’, which made its debut in Hong Kong.

Visitors enjoyed virtual voice navigation guided by radio host Maria Tang while they journeyed through and experienced the Tourbillon realm. Additionally, an art projection was also set up so visitors could take photos with a spectacular rotating Tourbillon to remember this special occasion.

对于宝玑(Breguet) 而言,2021年是奢侈品制表界的重要里程碑。因为标识着有史以来最精致制表工艺之一的陀飞轮迈入220周年纪念。

宝玑为了纪念这一特殊时刻,也联合K11 MUSEA举办了一项“宝玑-陀飞轮的发明者”快闪活动。活动宗旨是分享陀飞轮的悠久广泛历史,并展示该品牌魅力十足的陀飞轮钟表及其复杂繁琐工艺。其中包括在香港首次亮相的“经典双陀飞轮5345 Quai de l ‘ horloge”。