A New Normal Chinese Fashion Week 中国时装周新常态

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With the theme ‘Healing Through The Exploration Of Space’, the China International Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2020 saw an unprecedented mega fashion show with no physical crowd but reaching millions through online. A gathering of brands, designers, buyers and critics, this fashion show also replaced the traditional catwalks on T-stages with public spaces including PageOne bookshops, at the front of heritage buildings, gardens, etc.

Over 170 brands from 15 countries and regions participated in this first of its kind online event. Tapping into the huge potential of e-commerce: more than 70 brands were selling live online. Organiser and some designers had the opinions that customers were more receptive to online sales than the usual offline sales. The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely taken a toll on this industry but this unique fashion showcase has proven that the fashion industry in China is evolving and moving forward with the New Normal.

Image(s) courtesy of China Fashion Week, Sohu, WeiXin & Xin Hua News