Bryan Yeoh 

Executive Director of Starhill Hotels, Australia

澳大利亚Starhill 酒店执行董事

The YTL group of companies have always stood steadily against the test of time by turning the right opportunity into the right entity with enduring values. The YTL name is about building properties, businesses and services that are not simply lasting, but worthy of longevity.  

Executive director for Starhill Hotels in Australia, Bryan Yeoh took a bit of time to talk to us about the impressive YTL legacy and powerhouse. “Part of the YTL Corporate Group in Malaysia, Starhill Hotels, namely Sydney Harbour Marriott, Melbourne Marriott and Brisbane Marriott are under the listed arm of YTL Hospitality REIT, while Westin Perth is under YTL Hotels and Properties – the hospitality arm of YTL Group.”

From Yeoh’s standpoint, the hotel industry in Australia has a lot to offer and provides good investment returns. It is the backbone of the tourism trade that produces a sustained growth in visitors, business travellers and strong trading fundamentals with a balanced long-term supply and demand. This makes Australia an attractive and ideal investment location for YTL. “The opportunity came when the Commonwealth Property Hotel fund wanted to offload their hotels of which YTL was successful in bidding.”

YTL hotels are perpetually improving and focussing on achieving customer satisfaction, optimal profit margins and maintaining competitive advantage. These attributes empower us to gain an aura of success and desirability, that set us apart from our competitors.

They managed to turn the properties into thriving holiday destinations. “We are very passionate, we manage every hotel through an owner’s perspective, and upon building trust, understanding and cooperation with its partners.” With discipline, commitment and value-added products, YTL offers memorable guest experience and consistent world-class service. Their high-performance team is powered by family culture that encourages honesty, diligence, moral responsibility, vitality and togetherness. “We like to invest in people to bring out the best in them. The staff would need to have passion in what they do and share the same ideas, to believe in themselves in delivering YTL’s vision.”

The healthy and vibrant tourism market, particularly in Melbourne, will attract investors and propel the hotel industry to the next level of maturity.

With the YTL brand, quality and return-of-investment are not mutually exclusive. “Disregarding the star level of hotels, guest experience and staff service will always make a difference. The extra mile will go a long way.” YTL hotels are perpetually improving with a great degree of consistency and competitive innovation.  

Yeoh has an even more accomplished team keeping the home fires burning. “My wife Cassy and I have three children – one son and two daughters. My son Ivan specialises in interactive digital media. My elder daughter Rachel is married and my youngest daughter, Theresa is currently pursuing a master’s degree in optometry in the University of Melbourne. Very soon Cassy and I will be empty nesters.”

He loves golf but does not have much time to indulge. In the early years, this exuberant personality wanted to pursue a more creative profession in design but unfortunately that was not on ‘mom’s-choice-list’. Therefore, he ended up studying accountancy.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? “I hope to be lazing on the beach with my wife, enjoying our favourite drinks. I’ll be 67 years old by then… what more can I say?” 


杨忠礼集团(YTL Group)始终坚持不懈地经受住时间的考验,将准确的商机转化为具持久价值的实体产业。YTL这个品牌阐述了不仅是恒久运用的房地产、商业和服务理念,还有保值效应。

澳大利亚Starhill 酒店执行董事Bryan Yeoh花了点时间介绍让人印象深刻的杨忠礼集团传统精髓和商业实力。“Starhill酒店作为马来西亚杨忠礼集团的一部分,也即是悉尼海港万豪酒店、墨尔本万豪酒店和布里斯班万豪酒店,皆隶属于杨忠礼酒店房地产信托基金(YTL Hospitality REIT)的上市子公司,而珀斯威斯汀酒店则是集团旗下酒店房地产部子公司。”

从Bryan Yeoh的角度解析,澳大利亚的酒店业存在许多投资亮点,也具备丰厚的投资回报,其中包括旅游贸易的支柱因素,带来了游客、商务旅客的持续增长和强劲的贸易基本面,以及平衡的长期供应和需求。这促使澳大利亚成为吸引该集团的理想投资点。“当时机会降临,因为英联邦产业酒店基金(Commonwealth Property Hotel Fund)希望转手他们的酒店,而YTL成功中标。”





至于 Bryan Yeoh 还有一支更出色的团队,延续家庭的激情燃烧。“我的妻子Cassy和我有三名孩子,一名儿子和两名女儿。儿子Ivan专门研究交互式数字媒体,长女Rachel已结婚了,小女儿Theresa目前正在墨尔本大学攻读视光学硕士学位。当然在不久的将来,Cassy和我将成为空巢老人。”



By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik