Get Active. Beat Dementia. 跃动身心,战胜痴呆

Did you know? 

Dementia is Australia’s second leading cause of death overall, and the leading cause of death for women. There is no cure. Every three seconds someone in the world develops dementia. When you consider the total worldwide cost of dementia was US$818 billion in 2015, if dementia was a country it would be the 18th largest economy! 

What can you do to help? Join us for our annual Memory Walk & Jog event! 

Memory Walk & Jog is Dementia Australia’s biggest national fundraising event. This year we are hoping to raise $1.3 million with over 10,000 participants nationally. 

Walk, jog or run – there’s a Memory Walk & Jog for everyone!

We are coming to you! Memory Walk & Jog is heading to 12 locations nationally in 2020 and four locations in Victoria including Mildura, Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne. We’ve got a distance to suit you whether you walk, jog or run. 

Funds raised will go towards supporting Dementia Australia’s services including for those living with dementia, their families and carers, while at the same time supporting research for future medical breakthroughs and raising much needed awareness. 

Together, we get active, we fundraise, and we step up for people living with dementia to say, “You are not alone!”.

To register or find out more, visit us at or call us on 1300 MWJ MWJ (695 695)

We look forward to seeing you there! 



你如何协助?请响应并加入我们的 Memory Walk & Jog 公益跑步活动,这是澳大利亚最大型的全国性痴呆症筹款活动。


步行,慢跑或跑步-属于每个人的Memory Walk & Jog!
我们会走向你! 到2020年,Memory Walk & Jog 将在全国12个地方开展,其中维多利亚4个区域包括Mildura、Ballarat、Geelong和墨尔本。无论你是步行、慢跑还是跑步,我们都有最适合你的距离与方式。这对每个人来说是具有重大意义的活动,所以请带上全体家人参与。



如果想要登记注册或了解更多信息,请浏览或致电1300 MWJ MWJ(695 695)。