Joie De Vivre 生活之乐

Clive Scott 

General Manager of Sofitel Melbourne on Collins


Once likened to Alfred Hitchcock, especially his side profile, Clive Scott made a cameo appearance as the master of horror in a play in Sofitel, not so long ago.

Scott is fun and spontaneous, a worldly gentleman in the hospitality industry.  Those who know him will agree that he is also one of the most forward-thinking, effective and beloved general managers around town. With decades of experience, leadership and operational skills, any hotel should be so lucky to have him helm their property. Sofitel hit the jackpot for the last 15 years with Scott as their general manager.

His passion for hotel management stemmed from young when he was travelling the world with his parents who worked for United Nations Australia’s Colombo Plan. Although he lives in Melbourne predominantly, he spent a lot of time in Asia. He was schooled in three different countries before doing economics and hotel management in Victoria University. “At that time working in hotels was not so popular. People saw hotels as pubs for drinking, but I liked the environment. I was passionate about it and it has been a good career for me.”

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins is where French luxury meets epicurean indulgence in the world’s most exciting city.  Situated at the Paris end of Collins Street, in the heart of the premier shopping, dining and theatre district, just minutes from the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, Sofitel is built by the late American Chinese architect I.M.Pei, who also designed the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris.  

Art is one of the major factors that maintain the society’s creativity and innovation. Youth should be exposed to art to turn on their minds. Art explains that not all lines are straight and black-and-white isn’t just black-and-white  

“Not only a beautiful venue, Sofitel has a special art programme where we organise 18 to 20 art shows every year.  Bringing art into the hotel promotes creativity and innovation amongst the staff. It makes the hotel look exciting, alive and different all the time. Art also expands the mind and enables us to learn about other cultures. The Sofitel French heritage is synonymous to art, gourmet food and excellent wine, demonstrating that the finer things in life are not just elitist but accessible as well.”

Being general manager to such an outstanding brand of hospitality is not a walk in park but Scott takes it well in his stride. “You need to be passionate, otherwise the long hours and busy environment can be daunting. A high level of communication and understanding of many nationalities are preferable. A lot of computer analysis goes on but when you get down to it, it’s really about engagement with the guests and how well they are looked after.” 

Stress is not healthy and medically bad for you.  I don’t think life should be easy, but you should look after yourself and make sure you enjoy life as you go along

Clive Scott一直被认为神似惊悚悬念大师希区柯克 (Alfred Hitchcock),尤其是侧脸。不久前,他在索菲特酒店的一出戏剧中客串演出希区







by  Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik