Creating homes to empower communities: Behind the MIURA Group’s Renaissance with Penny Sun 从建造房屋到创建社区 Penny Sun畅谈Miura集团的战略转变

Penny Sun

These were the passionate, pragmatic and reflective words of Penny Sun who is the managing director of MIURA Group – a Melbourne based property development group that blends intelligent design philosophy with an immaculate attention to detail symbiotically. Having been instilled a “never say no” attitude from her parents who encouraged her that girls can “do better than the boys”; Penny’s tenacity and motivation never ceases to inspire the Victorian property development community. Having already completed 3 master’s degrees in Finance, Accounting and Tax; her latest academic endeavour sees her enrolling in a Master of Urban Planning and Environment. Being a woman of action, Penny’s education has enabled her to successfully lead tailored property development projects across Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs and is testimony how she believes, “Academia without implementation might as well be a pile of dead books”. 

2019 took a financial toll on the property development market which was plagued by rigid equity flows, government policies that hindered business proliferation and weak investor confidence. Despite this market pessimism, Penny seized this opportunity to listen to the voices of the community and to learn more about how the MIURA group could help better address the challenges impeding property developers to implement more projects sustainably. Her answer was to focus on building communities as opposed to simply constructing more buildings. Penny’s cathartic epiphany then catalysed MIURA’s new strategic focus on social issues that impact communities whilst accounting for the wellbeing of potential customers. The new MIURA is all about embracing community values and the enjoyment of residences.   

This then led Penny to start the Developing and Connecting Victoria Association (DCVA) which serves as platform to ensure that the challenges faced by the property developer community are heard by authorities and the government. In its 2 months of being established, DCVA has accumulated more than 60 members; members include some of the most influential developers in the property development industry. DCVA members were highly impressed with Penny’s determination, charisma and exemplary oratory skills when she delivered her speech during DCVA’s unveiling at the 2019 Australian-China Economic Trade & Investment Expo. 

DCVA hopes to be a pioneer in incorporating social issues such as an ageing community, isolated families, longer work to home commute times and rising gentrification pressures into the corporate strategy of Victorian property developers. By focusing on socially focused solutions that empower communities, DCVA and MIURA hope to build a future that isn’t over reliant on inefficient methods of traditional horizontal suburb expansion. 

This is evident in Penny’s recent project in Hawthorn where she instructed Rowthelowman architects to ensure that her latest development project didn’t block out the local church. Traditionally, most developers would raise up walls to raise the profile exposure of their respective construction project without any regard for blocking out neighbouring buildings. Penny’s constant questioning of the status quo and innovation vision for the property development industry is what she hopes to forge into MIURA’s legacy as a renowned and respected property developer that is cherished by the community.

Penny who is constantly learning, believes that knowledge should not be isolated and is confident that her kaleidoscope of life experiences and exposure to different fields of study will equip her to continue being a respectable leader in the property development industry. The future is wrought with countless possibilities, but under Penny’s courageous and profound leadership qualities; MIURA and DCVA can be assured that they are in the hands of a strong leader who can help them successfully navigate through the complex web of politics, economics and marketing that is the property development market. 

“Previously, in a booming property market the development was focused predominantly on investors. Today, governments should have flexible policies that encourage projects that give back to the community”, says Penny. 

这是 MIURA Group 的董事经理 Penny Sun 提出的充满激情、务实且深思熟虑的说法。MIURA Group总部位于墨尔本,融汇智能设计理念和对细节的关注。她的父母灌输给她“永远不要说不”的态度,鼓励她“女孩可以比男孩做得更好。”Penny Sun 的坚韧和动力一直激励着维多利亚的房地产开发社区。即使早已经完成财务、会计、税务多达3个硕士学位;她最近埋头学术研究再使她获得了城市规划与环境硕士学位。而作为一名实干家,加上本身的灵活运用教育知识使她能够成功领导墨尔本东部郊区量身定制的房地产开发项目,这也证明了她的信念:无法实施的学术理论犹如看了一堆死书。

2019年房地产开发市场财务亏损现象浮出水面,市场持续受到刚性股权流动、阻碍企业扩张的政府政策及投资者信心疲弱的困扰。尽管市场乌云密布,但Penny还是抓住这个机会,倾听社区的声音,了解更多MIURA Group如何能协助解决阻挡房产开发商可持续发展更多项目的挑战。她的答案是专注于建设社区,而不是简单地堆砌更多的建筑。她的灵光一现促使MIURA的新战略重心放在影响社区的社会问题上,同时细致考虑潜在客户的福祉。全新的MIURA宗旨是拥抱社区价值和营造居住环境的愉悦。

这一系列状况让 Penny 成立了维多利亚发展互通协会 (Developing and Connecting Victoria Association – DCVA),这个平台确保政治家和联邦政府能听到地产开发商所面对的困境。而协会成立2个月已累计会员逾60名,其中包括维多利亚房地产领域许多有影响力的重量级开发商。2019年澳大利亚-中国经济贸易投资博览会上,Penny在DCVA的揭幕仪式上发表了演说,她的决心、魄力和出色的演讲技巧让所有成员印象深刻。


最明显的是Penny在最近的Hawthorn的项目计划实践有关想法,她引导Rothelowman Architects建筑事务所确保上述开发项目不得阻碍当地古迹教堂。一般情况下,大多数开发商会竖起高墙以提高各自建筑项目的知名度,而不考虑是否遮挡邻近的建筑。而Penny对房地产开发行业现状和创新愿景持续提出疑问,也是因为她希望能拔高MIURA作为受到社区珍视和尊重的房产开发商之定位。

“昔日,在繁荣的市场中,房产开发主要集中在投资者身上。今日,政府应具备更弹性的政策来鼓励那些能回馈社会的项目。” Penny是一个积极学习者,她认为知识不应该被孤立,深信自己丰富多彩的人生,还有各种领域的学习经历将使她在房地产开发行业继续成为一个受人尊敬的领导者。