The Snake through Art, Jewellery & Design 贯穿艺术、 珠宝与设计之蛇

Following the success of previous editions, BVLGARI will inaugurate the fourth edition of SerpentiForm at the word renowned Chengdu Museum. It will be available to public from the 29th April to the 25th of August. 

Epitomising seduction, rebirth and transformation, the snake as a symbol has been intertwined for centuries with the story of mankind, capturing imaginations from East to West. During the 1940s, BVLGARI captured the expressive power of this evocative symbol, reinterpreting it for the first time in jewellery with supple bracelet-watches.

Precious antiquities from Italy and from China examine the different symbolic meanings of the snake, ranging from objects of veneration to talismans, from a form of generative divinity to a medium to communicate with otherworldly dimensions. The exhibition also features costumes from prestigious theatre and fashion archives, such as an amazing Turandot costume of 1926 on loan from the Giacomo Puccini Foundation in Italy. Moreover, delightful vintage evening dresses will illustrate how the snake became an eccentric ally for women in their playful seduction.

Lastly, a review of splendid BVLGARI Serpenti creations from the Maison archives and private collections will close the exhibition. The selection includes current creations and archival creations that will be on display for the very first time. 



展会的看点还来自著名剧院和时尚珍藏馆的服饰,比如1926年从意大利普契尼基金会(Giacomo Puccini Foundation)借来的一件令人惊叹的图兰朵之服装。此外,透过怡人的复古晚礼服将叙述蛇如何成为女性们的古怪盟友,进行俏皮的诱惑。


Image(s) courtesy of Bulgari