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Mazita Marzuki

Consul General of Malaysia in Melbourne, Australia


Malaysians in Melbourne are in for a treat.  There is a new sheriff in town, and she is the epitome of the intelligent, progressive and charismatic leader that every nation should be proud of.

The new Consul General Mazita Marzuki took her chair at the Consulate General of Malaysia in Melbourne just two months ago and she’s already riding on the crest of the waves she created. “I’m lucky to be assigned here. Melbourne has a lot of soul, diversity, culture and she’s a vibrant city that holds so much potential and importance for Malaysia.” 

Prior to Melbourne, Mazita was the Deputy Head of Mission and Counsellor of the Embassy of Malaysia in Abu Dhabi, UAE. “Abu Dhabi is such a luxurious cosmopolitan city.  One can get totally immersed in it.”  

I love being in the public service. It is where one can effect change.

However, she did leave a bit of her heart in San Francisco where she spent four years working and attaining her master’s in Human Resources Management and Development at the Golden Gate University. She picked up an Outstanding Student Award and was the recipient a Leadership Award while doing her Diploma in Public Administration prior to the beginning of her career as a public and administrative officer. “I love San Francisco. I have many good friends there.”

Promoting the highest level of political, economic and social relations between Malaysia and the state of Victoria, this true-blue Malaysian is responsible for trade and investment exchange, dissemination of Malaysian government policies, providing protocol, immigration and consular services. 

Mistakes are the best guru in life.

She was also the Deputy Director General of the Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter-Terrorism (SEARCCT). In 2018 SEARCCT’s military operations saw to the mass territorial defeat of jihadist militant group Daesh in Syria and Iraq. “While Southeast Asia is seen as an emerging hotspot for terrorism, Malaysia remains steadfast in her commitment to counter-terrorism and the prevention of violent extremism.  Realising the impact of the Internet and social media platforms, SEARCCT aims to create awareness before indoctrination in order to prevent radicalisation.” With the recent change of government, Mazita believes that Malaysia is in good hands. “Change takes time. Give this new team a chance to prove themselves,” she urges.

On the home front this powerhouse is a loving wife and doting mother to two teenage sons, Iman and Ammar Mirza. “I have a rare gem of a husband, known as Mr Zack to many, who is fully supportive of my career and the empowerment of women. And I’m proud of my two sons who are equally adept at handling our diplomatic lifestyle.”

Not one to dwell on the past or the negative, this career diplomat sees only opportunities and advantages. “Mistakes are the best guru in life. Don’t be afraid to make and learn from them.”

Well, if Malaysia is looking for future prime ministerial candidacies, Mazita Marzuki would certainly earn many Ayes! 


Mazita Marzuki 刚上任马来西亚驻墨尔本总领事两个月期间,她已经驾轻就熟的乘风破浪。“我很幸运被分派到墨尔本,这里具有灵魂精髓、多样性和文化,是一座充满活力的城市,对于马来西亚来说拥有巨大潜力和重要性。”

在驻扎墨尔本前,Mazita是马来西亚驻阿联酋阿布扎比大使馆的特派团副团长兼参赞。 “阿布扎比是奢华耀眼的国际化城市,轻易让人沉浸其中。”


然而,她对美国旧金山也有深刻留恋,长达四年的光景,她在工作之余也在金门大学 (Golden Gate University) 取得人力资源管理与发展的硕士学位。她除了荣获优秀学生奖,且在攻读公共行政文凭期间获得了一项领袖奖,这些都是她作为行政官员开始职业生涯之前的事迹。“我爱旧金山。那里有着我的许多好朋友。”

推进马来西亚和维多利亚州之间最高水平的政治、经济和社会关系,这名真正热爱和平的马来西亚人肩负着贸易和投资交流,传递马来西亚政府的政策,提供礼宾、移民和领事服务。另外,她还是东南亚区域反恐中心 (SEARCCT) 的副总监。2018年,SEARCCT 的军事行动成功击溃了叙利亚和伊拉克境内的圣战组织“伊斯兰国” (Daesh)。“尽管东南亚被视为一个新兴的恐怖主义热点,马来西亚仍然坚定地致力于反恐和防止暴力极端主义。由于认识到互联网和社交媒体平台的影响力,SEARCCT 的目标是在之前灌输觉醒警惕意识,以防止激进主义。而随着近期新政府的更迭,我认为马来西亚处于有利地位。改变是需要时间的,给这个新团队一个证明自身的机会。” Mazita 敦促。


在家庭方面,这名强大的女性也是温柔的妻子和慈爱的母亲,育有2名孩子Iman与Ammar Mirza。“我珍爱的丈夫-大家都称呼他Zack先生,他完全支持我的事业,尊重并赋予女性权利。我也为两个儿子感到骄傲,他们同样擅长应对我们的外交生活方式。”


好吧,如果马来西亚正在寻找未来的首相候选人,Mazita Marzuki肯定会赢得许多赞成票!

by  Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik