Probuild Currently constructing 155,000m2 commercial office space across Australia 占地15.5万平方米商业办公空间 在澳大利亚各处如火如荼的建设中

At Probuild, we’re passionate about creating contemporary spaces for Australian workers. 

It’s why we’ve delivered more than half a million square metres of commercial office space nationwide, and built some of Australia’s best employer’s offices.

We understand that critical to the success of any business is the way an office supports people within that business’ interactions – their wellbeing and ultimately their performance. 

From an asset perspective, a commercial office building also needs to be flexible enough to accommodate tenants large and small, efficient in both moving people around and energy usage, as well as have adaptability to house the latest technology – all at a low operating expenditure.

Since our first commercial office project more than 20 years ago, we have developed management capabilities from pre-construction advisory to practical completion. 

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从资产的角度视察,商业办公楼尚需要足够的灵活性来容纳大大小小的租户,高效处理人员流动和配置能源使用,且具备容纳最新技术的适应性 – 所有这些必须确保低运营成本。