Enriching the Future 富集未来

Hubert Jahja

Chief Executive Officer of Enrich Realty Group Pty Ltd 

Enrich Realty Group Pty Ltd (瑞丰集团) 首席执行官

Acquiring property in Melbourne is a serious sport. You need a winning personality like Hubert Jahja, Chief Executive Officer of Enrich Realty Group, on your team. With that delicious goatee and boyish dimples, one grows a liking for Jahja instantly. His mastery in property development and capital investment takes the stress and anxiety out of house-hunting in the world’s most liveable city.

Jahja came to Melbourne in 1997 to do a Bachelor of Commerce in the University of Melbourne. Upon graduation he joined Price Waterhouse Coopers and became an auditor for five years.  While crunching numbers, his heart yearned for the business world and soon he started a licence shop for Optus with TeleChoice.  After eight years he migrated from telecommunication to real estate and set up Enrich Realty Group in 2013. “It is more gratifying to transact higher value items.”  

“Property is a staple commodity.”

Last year Enrich Realty Group further acquired Planinsek Property Group.  Dealing in residential and commercial sales, property management, capital investment and project marketing, Enrich Realty Group also has a coffer of 1,000 properties under rental portfolios, with an estimated asset value of $0.5 billion. 

Always energetic and enthusiastic but never overbearing, Jahja says, “The property market in Melbourne is very exciting and diverse. Melbourne is a vibrant city and the population is growing rapidly. Property is a staple commodity here.”

Jahja’s trajectory to the pinnacle of success is filled with sacrifices, long hours and sometimes disappointment. “To newbies – the real estate market looks rich and easy. Everyone is in power suits and nice cars but you really need to put in the hard yards.  Be prepared for trends and trenches.”  

“We want to build projects that are enduring and have a strong positive impact to society.”

A new arm, the Mahoni Group is all about property development. “We are buying land and developing boutique town houses with an ambition to develop industrial and commercial in the near future. From our real estate agency background, we understand the demands and how to fill the gaps in the market. We are passionate about developing quality projects in high-growth eastern suburbs without the high price tags.”

Not forgetting social obligations, the Jahja Foundation is specially set up to help the less fortunate. “We strongly believe in giving back and have always worked with UNICEF in that area. We are also determined to provide a better future for the next generation. That’s why the Mahoni Group tag line is ‘Now and Next Generation’. We want to build projects that are enduring and have a strong positive impact to society.” 

在墨尔本房产领域获利如同一项苛刻的竞技运动。你的团队中需要一个像 Hubert Jahja- Enrich Realty Group Pty Ltd (瑞丰集团) 的首席执行官所具备的制胜人格。有趣的山羊胡和孩子气的酒窝,Jahja的亲和力会瞬间拉近彼此距离。而他对房地产开发和资本投资的专业精通,更能舒缓人们在这个全球最宜居城市买房的压力和焦虑感。

Hubert Jahja 于 1997 年来到墨尔本,并且在墨尔本大学攻读商学士学位。毕业后,加入普华永道会计师事务所任职了5年的审计师。当他与数字打交道时,一颗心逐渐向往着商业世界,不久他加盟 TeleChoice 开创了 Optus 特许店。8年后,他从电讯业转向房地产业,2013年设立了 Enrich Realty Group (瑞丰集团)。


去年,Enrich Realty Group (瑞丰集团) 进一步收购了Planinsek Property Group。在住宅和商业销售、物业管理、资本投资和项目营销方面大展拳脚。Enrich Realty Group (瑞丰集团) 还拥有1000套房产租赁组合的资金,预估价值高达5亿。


Hubert Jahja 的成功之路历经了牺牲奉献、长时间埋首工作和有时承受失望打击。“对于新手来说,房地产市场看起来既富裕又轻松。每个人都西装笔挺,开着漂亮豪车;但是你真的需要努力工作,为市场风向和战斗做好万全准备。”

Mahoni Group 是其新成立的子公司,主要从事房地产开发。“我们正在购买土地,开发高端独栋别墅项目。我们所具备房地产中介背景,使得我们更加了解客户需求且知道如何填补市场空缺。我们热衷于在东部地区开展高品质且价格适中的土地开发项目。‘’


不忘初心,坚持回馈社会,Jahja基金会就是专门为援助不幸者所设立。“我们秉持回馈社会的信念,一直与联合国儿童基金会(UNICEF)合作,为下一代提供更美好的未来。这就是印证 Mahoni Group 的口号:现在和下一代。我们希望所建成的项目是可持续的,并以积极正面的方式影响社会。”

Enrich Realty Group Pty Ltd.

Level 3, 257 Collins street, Melbourne 3000, Victoria Australia.

by Sloane Patterson