‘Connect CHT & DLX Celebrate Great Friendship’ was another successful event by CHTNetwork Australia in collaboration with DLX Creative. 

The event was a welcoming night for the new Malaysia Consul General to Victoria, an occasion to celebrate birthdays and a great night to enjoy great food and fine wine with great company. As a surprise, the organisers took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of Penny Sun and Li Lin Tai. Among the VIPs were Jason Yeap OAM, Consul General Mazita Marsuki, MD DLX Creative David Liao, CEO CHTNetwork Australia Ping Chng, MD Miura Group Penny Sun, celebrity chef Jeffrey Tan OAM and others. 

During the night, the founding president of CHTNetwork Chng Huck Theng also officially announced that PIE (Pinnacle International Excellence) Awards will be coming to Australia in 2020. 

“Connect CHT & DLX 的美好友情庆祝会”是 CHTNetwork 澳大利亚与 DLX Creative 联手举办的一项成功活动。同时这也是新任马来西亚驻维多利亚总领事的欢迎会、朋友们的生日派对,大家一起共享美食美酒的美丽夜晚。活动主办当局也借此机会为 Penny Sun 和 Li Lin Tai 庆生。出席的贵宾们包括叶绍礼 OAM、总领事 Mazita Marsuki、DLX Creative 董事经理 David Liao、CHTNetwork 澳大利亚首席执行官 Ping Chng、Miura Group 董事经理 Penny Sun、名厨Jeffrey Tan OAM 等。当晚,CHTNetwork 的创始人庄学腾也正式宣布Pinnacle 国际卓越大奖将于2020年在澳大利亚举行。