50th Anniversary of the First Lunar Landing 登月迎来 50周年纪念

George Clooney and NASA veterans joined OMEGA at Kennedy Space Center to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing. The gathering of greats at Cape Canaveral in Florida brought actors and astronauts together to celebrate the world-changing Apollo 11 mission and to raise glass to the OMEGA Speedmaster: the first watch worn on the Moon.

After a day of discussions on a range of space-related subjects – including “Pushing at the Limits” and “The Moonwatch: Then and Now” – media and VIP guests enjoyed a “Golden Moments” dinner, attended by George Clooney, Amal Clooney, Charlie Duke and Thomas Stafford.

The mood was light and the memories flowed freely as the astronauts shared compelling stories about the challenges they faced to ensure the Apollo project was a success. Though a huge star in his own right, OMEGA Ambassador George Clooney was clearly in awe of his boyhood heroes and made sure their extraordinary achievements were the prime focus of the event.

Also in attendance at both the daytime talks and “Golden Moments” celebratory dinner were Astronaut and artist Nicole Stott, NASA pilot and ISS commander Terry Virts, ESA astronaut and NASA veteran Jean-François Clervoy, and former NASA engineer and the man behind the Moonwatch, Jim Ragan. 

George Clooney和美国国家航空航天局(NASA)的退役宇航员联同欧米茄(OMEGA)公司一起,在肯尼迪航天中心展开首次登月50周年纪念活动。在佛罗里达州的Cape Canaveral,演员和宇航员们齐聚一堂,欢庆改变世界的阿波罗11号任务,并为欧米茄超霸系列(Speedmaster)发出自豪宣言:这是登上月球佩戴的首只手表。

而就以一系列太空探索话题—包括“挑战极限”和“月球表:过去与现在”——持续一天的研讨后,媒体和贵宾们享用了一顿“辉煌时刻”晚宴,George Clooney、Amal Clooney、Charlie Duke 和Thomas Stafford出席了宴会。

当宇航员们分享为确保阿波罗登月计划成功所面临的令人钦佩不已的艰苦挑战时刻,气氛显得轻松愉快,而记忆沉静地流淌。尽管欧米茄大使George Clooney本身就是一颗巨星,但他显然对儿时的宇航员偶像们充满敬畏,并认为他们非凡的成才是此次活动的主要焦点。

宇航员兼艺术家Nicole Stott、前NASA飞行员兼国际空间站指挥官Terry Virts、欧洲太空总署兼NASA资深宇航员Jean-François Clervoy以及前NASA工程师、“月球表”背后推手Jim Ragan也列席当天的研讨和“辉煌时刻”庆祝晚宴。