Rigg Design Prize 2018年度Rigg设计大奖

Installation view of The table is the base, 2018
Hecker Guthrie design studio
Australia est. 2008

The Rigg Design Prize is the highest accolade for contemporary design in Australia. Hosted triennially, this prize reflects on the NGV’s dedication to the contemporary design and architectural scene in Australia. In 2018, this prestigious award was awarded to Hecker Guthrie, outstanding Melbourne design practice that has demonstrated excellence in creative achievement.

Installation view of Imaginarium, 2018
The Society Inc by Sibella Court design studio
Australia est. 2009

Ten Australian design studios working in the interior design and decoration field were shortlisted for the Rigg Design Prize 2018 with the exhibition theme as Domestic Living. This required the ten entrants in the Rigg Design Prize 2018 to demonstrate in their interior work how interior design can transcend basic functionality to become a form of communication embedded with values, ideas, attitudes and narrative. 

Installation view of Inner-Terior, 2018
Danielle Brustman design studio
Australia est. 2012

里格(Rigg)设计大奖是澳大利亚当代设计的最高荣誉。随着每三年举办一次,也反映了维多利亚国家美术馆(NGV)对澳大利亚当代设计和建筑领域的贡献。2018年,设计师Hecker Guthrie获得这一殊荣,作为墨尔本杰出的设计实践者,在创意成就上堪称卓越。而10家从事室内设计和装饰领域的澳大利亚设计工作室入围2018年里格设计奖,展览主题为起居生活,至于设计大奖的参加者在室内设计作品中展现超越基本功能,将室内设计转为一种嵌入价值观、理念、态度和叙事的交流形式。

Installation view of Wunderkammer, 2018
Scott Weston Architecture Design design studio
Australia est. 1997