Probuild Strengthens National New Business Leadership 巩固全国新商务领导层

Probuild is pleased to announce Nathan Theos has returned home to Probuild as Executive Director – New Business, with a position on our group board.

Nathan will provide executive-level support to our state new business teams in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria. This means that, as a business, we can strategically partner with clients and allow more time to understand their needs from the very beginning of projects – providing better solutions through to delivery.

At Probuild, we service our existing client groups with the utmost priority while responding to the market’s demand for quality buildings. Nathan’s appointment shows our commitment to providing the highest possible customer service.

With equally strong new business and delivery teams, Probuild and our industry-leading people have the capacity to convert and continue delivering more of Australia’s major projects.

We look forward to building greatness, together with clients old and new, in 2019.

Probuild隆重宣布Nathan Theos重返担任该集团董事会执行董事这个新商务职位。Nathan作为高级别执行领导者,将为Probuild昆士兰、新南威尔士州、西澳和维多利亚州的新商务团队提供管理支持。这意味着,我们可以与客户进行更有互动性的商务战略合作,从项目开端将拨出更多时间了解客户群的需求——提供最佳解决方案直至完成交付。

在Probuild,我们为现有的客户群体提供优质和优先服务,同时满足市场对高水平建筑工程的需求。Nathan Theos的任命表明我们致力于不断提升客户服务质量。