Fortune is for the Prepared 好运眷顾有准备之士


EZOZ15-5.jpgJeffrey Ong Wee Ting
General Manager of EcoWorld Australia

When Louis Pasteur said “Fortune favours the prepared mind”, it wasn’t meant for everyone because while opportunities present themselves to everyone, not all of us are ready to seize them.

But Jeffrey Ong Wee Ting was ever so prepared and has since worked his way up to become the general manager of Eco World International, a property development company in Australia.

At only 42, he is armed with 15 years experience in property consultancy and property development in Malaysia and Australia. His repertoire however is very diverse, having started his career as a civil engineer, followed by stepping into the food and beverage industry where he founded Juice Station, a healthy juice bar in Malaysia, and later resuming in property sales for some of the biggest players in Australia such as Setia (Melbourne) Development Company and Eco World Sydney Development.

He moved back to Melbourne to start Eco World Melbourne office in October 2015.

When recounting his career milestones, he said: “For Setia’s projects, I was mainly responsible for project development including apartment mix, floor plan design and finishes. I also strategised and implemented the sales and marketing campaign both locally and internationally as well supervised and managed the sales target and marketing budget.”

Among his key accomplishments were spearheading the completion of market research and development of pricing strategy for the Fulton Lane and PARQUE apartments in Melbourne which were launched in June 2011 and August 2013 respectively.

The development will cater to changing lifestyles especially for retirees and semi-retirees where they are provided with a range of exclusive services like concierge, home cleaning, home maintenance and even massage, personal care which also includes pet walking.

Now with Eco World Melbourne, his current biggest pet project is overseeing the development of Yarra One, a luxury multi-generational living concept in the heart of South Yarra.

It would indeed be a luxury to live in Yarra One, not only because it is situated in one of Melbourne’s richest and popular suburbs, but it will be the first green building in the neighborhood with top-notch amenities.

“Residents have access to a fully-equipped gym, exercise studio, outdoor spa, steam, sauna, resident’s lounge, private dining with a fully equipped kitchen, dedicated pet wash area, wine cellar, rooftop terrace with BBQ facilities all overlooking Melbourne CBD Skyline,” said Ong.

There will be 26 levels comprising 256 apartments with public transport close-by as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Albert Park and Fawkner Park within walking distance.

The apartments will be the first of its kind in Australia, and is due for completion in 2020.

科学家Louis Pasteur说过:好运只眷顾已经做好准备的人。这意味着并非人人都能拥有机会和好运,因为呈现在每个人的面前时,并不是所有人都能够一把捉住。

Jeffrey Ong Wee Ting却对此做了充分的准备,并通过自身努力成为了澳大利亚房地产开发公司-绿盛世国际(Eco World International)的总经理。

现年42岁的他在马来西亚和澳大利亚具备15年房地产咨询和开发经验。然而,最初作为一名土木工程师开启职业生涯,他的历练却多样化,除了随后涉足饮食业,在马来西亚创立Juice Station-一家健康果汁酒吧。过后,他重返房地产领域,成为实达集团(Setia)墨尔本公司与绿盛世悉尼等顶尖开发公司的营销人员。



他的重要成就之一是为分别在2011年6月和2013年8月推介的墨尔本Fulton Lane和PARQUE公寓开发计划完成了市场调研和定价策略。

目前他在绿盛世墨尔本的重心项目是监督Yarra One的开发计划。这项在南雅拉(South Yarra)中心区域开展的多代概念豪华项目将迎合变化万千的生活方式,尤其是针对退休和半退休人员的日常策划,他们可享受一系列专属服务:如礼宾服务、家居清洁、维护保养,甚至按摩、个人护理包括宠物服务。

居住于Yarra One确实是奢华格调的代名词,不仅位于墨尔本最富裕、最热门的郊区之一,而且将是该社区中首家拥有顶级设施的绿色建筑。




by Karina Foo