Duo In Collaboration 协作二重奏


Luke O’Grady & Kevin Ng

Director of InCollaboration Projects Pty Ltd

When the opportunity arose to join the CHT Network and be part of the EZ Australia magazine Luke O’Grady and Kevin Ng jumped at it. A network built around friendship very much aligns with who they are, how they connect with people and their philosophy with running their business.

Luke and Kevin started InCollaboration Projects in September 2017 out the back of a friend’s real estate office and today has grown into a dynamic client focussed property development and consultancy business aimed at assisting their Client’s to maximise their equity returns through a focussed approach to their development portfolio.

Both Luke and Kevin have had unique journey within the industry.  Luke come’s from a family entrenched in the property industry with his father John O’Grady recognised as a leading Commercial Valuer in the industry.  Luke’s journey started in retirement living before spending 7 years at Stockland.  He then joined a private built form development company to gain experience in medium density and high rise apartments and finally moving on to a local boutique project management consultancy.

Kevin was born and bred in Hong Kong, China before moving to Australia 20 years ago.  Kevin’s experience is diverse and he has navigated a career that includes private and public companies, different industry’s such as telecommunications and ‘infrastructure building materials’ before he found his feet in the property industry working with a local Chinese developer and then in the same boutique project management consultancy as Luke.


‘InCollaboration’ is an appropriate name, as it stands as the headline for how we operate, Luke said.

They aim to work collaboratively with their clients as partners. They also acknowledge that every developer is different, and every developer has different skill sets, so it is never a one size fits all approach. They aim to always provide a flexible service to assists developers deliver on their vision and development objectives.

Luke and Kevin’s core values are evident in their approach. Luke describes them as (1) to be fair and equitable, this forms the foundation of all their decision making, is this decision fair to the Client, to us, and to all Stakeholders. (2) there must be value in the service they provide, their Clients must always see value in what we do, and (3) to build trusting partnerships, they aim to build long lasting trusted partnerships with our clients, where we are considered not just a consultant, but an integral part of the team and in most cases, a friend.  They aim to simplify the complicated, communicate honestly and openly with the good and the bad, and believe in no surprises.

As a multi-disciplinary development company and consultancy, InCollaboration has nearly $1 billion worth of projects under management including master planned residential mixed-use developments, residential land subdivision developments, medium density apartment projects and townhouse developments.

It’s a privilege to be part of the CHT network and Luke and Kevin look forward to meeting more friends and like-minded people along the journey.

当 Luke O’Grady 与 Kevin Ng 两人获悉有机会加入 CHTNetwork并成为《御智》杂志的一部分,他们欣然接受。而从建立的友谊网络系统持续延伸,着重人与人之间的联系,符合他们的协力合作经营理念。


Luke与Kevin在业内分别有着独特的经历故事。Luke来自一个和房产行业有着千丝万缕关系的家庭,他的父亲John O’grady被认为是该行业中最领先的商业估价师。Luke的旅程始于退休生活,之前在Stockland任职7年。过后加入了私人建筑形式发展公司,积累中密度和高层公寓方面的经验,最后跳槽到一家当地的精品计划管理咨询公司。








Photography by Layzhoz Yeap & David Liao