The Definition Of Luxury 奢华的定义

Rolls-Royce has had the pleasure of conveying some of the world’s most powerful, influential and remarkable men and women since its inception in 1904. Continuing in this vein, Rolls-Royce gathered an eminent group of individuals for the world’s first ‘cars and cognac’ assembly; an occasion where guests captured the phenomenon’s spirit with an evening of fine-dining, followed by a cognac tasting in a private and beautiful farmhouse barn. Dining tables were flanked by a Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge adorned with the new Aero Cowling and a Rolls-Royce Dawn from the Adamas Collection. At the head of the table was Phantom, the marque’s flagship, equipped with a bespoke Picnic Hamper from which a Cognac sommelier advised tasting practices and notes. Guests either stayed within Soho Farmhouse or were returned home by a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce after the end or this extreme luxury event.

劳斯莱斯自1904年创立以来,很荣幸的介绍了许多世界上最强大、最有影响力和杰出的人们。因此按照有关思路,罗尔斯罗伊斯(劳斯莱斯)召集了一批优秀的人们参加了世界上首次“车与干邑白兰地”晚会。而当晚出席的精英宾客们聚集精致的晚宴上,并且真实演绎这个现象的精髓:在一个私人、优美的精品农舍谷仓里品尝白兰地酒。餐桌两侧是劳斯莱斯曜影(Dawn)黑色徽章,上面装饰着新的 Aero CowlingAdamas 系列的劳斯莱斯。至于在桌子的顶端是“幻影”(Phantom),这是旗舰车型标志,并且配备了定制的野餐篮,品尝晚会上也有专人解说各种品酒建议和注意事项。而晚会结束后,客人们可以选择继续待在精品农舍里,要么由司机所驾驶的一辆劳斯莱斯送回家。