Personal Guidance System 个人指导系统


Bill Bennett
Australian Film Director, Producer & Screenwriter

Bill Bennett’s life changed early one morning on a back street in New Orleans. He was driving, and as he approached an intersection he heard a voice which warned him to slow down. Fortunately he did slow down, because suddenly a huge truck ran a red light, hurtled through the intersection and missed him by inches. If not for that voice, he would have been killed.

The incident haunted him for years. He wanted to know three things: What was that voice? Where did it come from? Why was my life saved? Those three questions would finally compelled him to make a movie about his search for the meaning behind that voice.

For years he travelled around the world interviewing leading experts on intuition, covering the fields of science, religion and spiritualty. He spoke to neuroscientists and mystics, psychiatrists and saints and psychics – and the resulting film is now released in Australia and the US.

Called PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System, the film discusses what intuition is, how it works, and how we can tap into it to make better choices in life.

For Bill, making the film changed his life, he says. He started out a skeptic, but by the end he was convinced that intuition is real, it works, and it’s a legitimate bodily system that acts to keep us safe from harm, and seeks to guide us on our life’s journey.

Bill now lives his life totally intuitively. He says he no longer makes decisions, he feels them. “When you make decisions, you use your intellect, your rational mind, and at times your ego,” says Bill.

“When you use your intuition and feel decisions – for instance when you trust your gut – you disengage from rational thought and you go with what feels right, not necessarily what your logic or intellect would say is the right thing to do.”

According to Bill, when you make decisions based on your intellect, you’re always pulling from what’s known, which is limiting. When you use your intuition, you’re accessing what’s not known, which is expansive. But it’s also scary, says Bill, which is why so many people don’t use their intuition, because of fear.

Bill’s film details five steps you can take to tap into your intuition – STOP, LISTEN, ASK, TRUST, FOLLOW.

“Trust is the biggie,” he says. “If you begin to trust your intuition on small things, when the big decisions come along, you can take advantage of your intuition.”

Bill Bennett 的生活因为一个清晨的事故发生了重大变化。当时,他正开车行驶在新奥尔良一条偏僻的后街上,而在接近十字路口时,突然听到一个声音警告他要减速。幸运的是,他放慢了速度,电光石火间,一辆大卡车忽然闯了红灯,冲过十字路口,与他惊险的擦身而过。要不是那个声音,他的生命不复存在。


多年来,他周游列国,不间断的采访了涉及科学、宗教和精神领域有关直觉课题的顶尖专家。他甚至与神经科学家、神秘主义者、精神病学家,圣徒和心理学家进行了研讨对话 – 而由此诞生的电影目前在澳大利亚和美国上映。

这部被称为PGS (Personal Guidance System) – 直觉是你的个人指导系统的电影内容讨论了什么是直觉,它是如何运作的,以及我们如何利用它来在生活中做出更好的抉择。