From Economist to Metaphysical Healer 从经济学家到超自然学的治疗者

Grace Moy O_BrienGrace Moy O’Brien
Chinese Medicine Doctor, Naturopath, Counsellor, Metaphysical Healer

How does one make the switch from economist to metaphysical healer? Grace Moy O’Brien’s transition goes beyond a career change – it is instead a journey into self awareness and expanding consciousness.

Born into a typical and conventional Malaysian Chinese family in Penang, Grace went to Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Economics and a post graduate degree in Hospitality and Tourism. Upon graduation she started work as an economist and researcher.

But Grace’s personal journey is anything but conventional. From the age of four, Grace started having what she now knows as “Out of Body Experiences” (OBE), which is now a much researched phenomena. Grace kept her OBEs a secret for most of her adult years for fear of being ridiculed. However, her curiosity took her on a quest to learn more about OBEs, eventually leading her into the arena of neuroscience, and quantum physics.

Her work with neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D, Dr. Joe Dispenza, quantum physicists Prof. Konstantin Korotkov and Dr. Dimitry Orlov (BioPhotonics/ ElectroPhotonics), has deepened her understanding of metaphysics and passion in exploring consciousness.

Grace says the turning point in her life came about following her mum’s death in a car accident in Malaysia. “This may sound crazy, but after mum died, I had a few encounters with her while I was having my out of body experiences. It gave me a lot of comfort and helped me come to terms with her death.”

“A life of freedom and knowing. Freedom from the shackles of matter, and knowing, which comes from experiencing the divine in you.”

She adds, “Think about this. When you die, you leave everything behind. The only thing you take with you is your spirit. Where you go after you take your last breath is dependent upon your state of consciousness. Is it then not logical to take care of and to know your true essence, which is your consciousness?”.

Her mum’s death and her OBEs propelled her to change her life, including, a career transformation. She went back to university, this time to study the Health Sciences, and now practices as an Acupuncturist, Naturopath, Counsellor, and Metaphysical Healer in Melbourne. In line with her passion to help others understand that they are more than just their physical bodies, Grace also runs workshops using neuroscience to demystify meditation and the exploration of consciousness.

“It is not enough to just believe, it is our responsibility to ourselves to conduct our own due diligence and experience our true essence, and thus graduate into knowing,” says Grace.

如何从经济学家成为超自然学的治疗者?Grace Moy O’brien的人生转换不仅仅是一次职业的改变 – 而是一次进入自我觉醒和扩展意识的旅程。


但属于她的个人历练不同寻常。从4岁开始,她开始拥有现在所了解的“灵魂出窍” (out-of-body experience – OBE) 的经历,其实这是现今一种被广泛研究的现象。在她成年后,大部分时间里都对自己的这项体验绝口不提,以免被嘲笑。然而,好奇心驱使她去挖掘更多关于OBE的知识,最终引导她进入神经科学和量子物理学的领域。

她与神经学家Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin博士和 Dr. Joe Dispenza, 量子物理学家Prof. Konstantin Korotkov 与 Dr. Dimitry Orlov (生物光子学/电光子学)的合作,深化了她对超自然学的理解和探索热情。