Face Value 容颜之价

Dr Tass Tasiopoulos

Owner and Cosmetic Medical Specialist at Dr Tass Cosmetic

By Billie Ooi-Ng Lean Gaik

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Since time immemorial, civilisation has often worshipped beauty and symmetry – Cleopatra, Adonis, Aphrodite, the Four Great Beauties of Ancient China – Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan and Yang Guifei, are some of the immortalised perfections.

These days, however, even if one does not win the genetic jackpot, many worthy consolation prizes lie within modern medicine and procedures. One such entity is the award-winning Dr Tass Cosmetic Enhancement owned and led by Dr Tass Tasiopoulos. One of Australia’s leading cosmetic medical specialists, Dr Tass practises non-surgical procedures from his cosmetic clinics in Port Melbourne, Elsternwick, Toorak and Crown Spa Melbourne.

Born in Melbourne to migrant parents, young Tass led a fun and loving childhood. “My parents have always believed and instilled in us, the great value of education. We are a family that does not believe in limitations.”

Many women would be happy to know that Dr Tass did not pursue his earlier interest in architecture but chose instead to do medicine in Monash University. “As a teenager I was wearing different hats. I was the cool kid amongst my friends. At home I was the perfect child. If my parents knew what I was like in school I would have been belted or given the backhand.”

“Cosmetic medicine is a fashion statement and lifestyle trend now. I am no longer just practicing medicine, I’m very aligned with Dior, Vogue and the way society has evolved.”

After his hospital residency Dr Tass started working as a general practitioner. “Loved it because the job was varied and stimulating. I loved talking to my patients who sometimes had to wait two or three hours to see me. Sadly, after 12 good years, it got boring for me. I was seeing the same conditions repeatedly. Loved the people but was no longer stimulated.”

That was when his personal practice shifted to the world of cosmetic medicine. After attending a barrage of courses in London, France, the Philippines and USA, Dr Tass set up his multi-disciplinary cosmetic clinic. “When the world of cosmetic surgery was at its infancy, there weren’t great standards. It was like the Wild West. A lot of people walked around with frozen faces and massive cheeks.”

To date Dr Tass has performed over 60,000 procedures on people from all strata of society. “Each face is like a canvas to the artist and optimal aesthetic results can only be achieved through quality products, techniques and the artistic capacity of the doctor. High standards, safety measures and attention to detail are of utmost importance too. You’re only as strong as your weakest link.”

Cosmetic medicine is a dynamic one-billion-dollar industry in Australia. “Even so I still think we are in pioneering days with a lot of potential for growth. I get excited when I push boundaries. Cosmetic medicine is a fashion statement and lifestyle trend now. I am no longer just practicing medicine, I’m very aligned with Dior, Vogue and the way society has evolved.”

This happily married man with four kids says, “I’m very lucky. I love my beautiful wife and kids. I love being a family man.  My life is glamorous but contained.”

However, Dr Tass has no time for flaky or entitled behaviour but devotes many hours to weight and cardio training, and charity work. “I firmly believe people who are wealthy have a duty of care to the less fortunate.”


走到现在,美貌格局有所改变,即使一个人无法赢得先天基因的头奖,但能够在现代医学程序中得到安慰奖。而这个实体的存在是由Tass Tasiopoulos博士所主导,殊荣无数的Tass化妆美容医学。作为澳大利亚顶尖的美容医学专家之一,Tass博士在墨尔本、Elsternwick与Toorak区域,还有墨尔本皇冠水疗中心的美容诊所进行非手术治疗。



至于Tass博士并没有延续早期对建筑学的兴趣,而是选择在莫纳什大学(Monash University)钻研医学,这也是广大女性感到欣慰的事。“当我还是青少年时期就喜欢尝试各种面貌,也是朋友群中最酷的孩子。但是在家里,我是一个完美的孩子。如果父母知道我在学校的样子,估计会被束缚或教训。”