CHTNetwork hosted its very first Connect CHT for 2018 in Melbourne where selected respected figures in various industries were invited to dine in one of Melbourne’s finest Chinese restaurant, Secret Kitchen. The service and food were excellents, Chairman of Pomeroy Pacific, Dug Pomeroy and Lawyer of The Year Australia, William Lye were both caught in surprise when Chng, during his welcoming speech, pulled out the latest copy of EZ Australia that both of them were featured together with Master Chef Australia Diana Chan and Professor PuKong Kee. Some of the other VIPs were Kathryn North AM, Ken Ong OAM, Jason Yeap OAM, Richard Han, David Liao, Socrates Capouleas and Andrew Lee.

ConnectCHT with Melbourne_4CHTNetwork 于 2018 年伊始在墨尔本举办了首次 “Connect CHT” 活动。而许多墨尔本各领域杰出领导者也受邀到墨尔本最佳中餐厅之一正斗 (Secret Kitchen) 用餐。餐厅绝佳的服务质量和美食风味虽然值得赞叹,可是当 CHTNetwork 创办人庄学腾在致欢迎词的时候亮出了由 Pomeroy Pacific 的执行主席 Dug Pomeroy 、澳大利亚年度风云律师黎尤铭还有澳大利亚顶级厨师冠军晨爱琳和纪宝坤教授担当联合封面的新一期《御智澳大利亚》杂志,引来现场惊喜连连。至于其他出席贵宾包括Kathryn North AM、Ken Ong OAM、叶绍礼 OAM、Richard Han、David Liao, Socrates Capouleas 与 Andrew Lee。

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