What governs Penang’s uniqueness is mainly the multi-racial communities that have been residing in this Malaysian state for three generations, if not more. With them come a myriad of flavours that have catapulted Penang into one of the best food cities in the world. However, Penang is much more than just exotic flavours that can make your taste buds dance. Prettily framing this, due to its multi-cultural factor, Penang boasts many colourful and immensely memorable events and festivals that happen all year round comprising religion, culture and arts.

Most will already know of the acrobatic lion dances that happen on Penang’s streets during Chinese New Year, the intricate weaving of ketupat during Hari Raya Aidilfitri and the unbelievable body piercings that are paraded during Thaipusam. There are also the more gentle stirrings of sweet rice in round pots over open fire during Pongal and the stamina-testing sport of the Dragon Boat Festival as well as Penang Bridge International Marathon that attract participants from all over the world.

Besides these, home-grown arts festivals unique to Penang such as the month-long George Town Festival and the three back to back festivals (10 Days 3 Festivals), that include George Town Literary Festival, The In-between Arts Festival and Penang Island Jazz Festival, are quickly becoming a sole reason for global travellers to descend on this state around August, November and December, respectively. Other annual events that attract hordes of visitors from near and far are the Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, Penang Anime Matsuri and Penang International Food Festival.

Anytime through January to December, Penang welcomes you with colourful and vibrant events that promises an unforgettable experience. Here’s where the festivities never end.

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