Benjarong Dusit Thani Bangkok 曼谷都喜天丽

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Multiple award winning restaurant Benjarong Dusit Thani Bangkok offers an exclusive dining experience in an ancient Thai palace surrounded by a beautiful garden overlooking a waterfall with crystal clear water tumbling down from the rocks. One of Bangkok’s finest, it has repositioned its Royal Thai cuisine to a more sophisticated presentation combining modern techniques with traditional flavour to amplify contemporary dishes that are exquisitely Thai at heart.

泰式春卷 Po-Pia Goong

Appetizer Po-Pia Gong is the perfect dish to start a meal when diners are served with these long yet thin spring roll skins wrapped with chunks of sliced prawns that are fried to a crispy golden brown. Indeed it goes very well with a touch of Sriracha Mayo.

Thailand is famous for its Tom Yum but the Tom Yum Soup of Prawn, Galangal & Lemongrass in Benjarong Dusit Thani Bangkok is simply beyond imagination in terms of presentation and taste. Fresh prawns are first grilled to preserve its succulent taste and placed into a bowl together with some mushroom then only a spicy hot Tom Yum soup will only be poured from a separate ceramic container for the guests. It is highly recommended to have the Yum Pla Duk Foo Deconstructed together with the Tom Yum as these two signature dishes are a perfect combination when one talks about Thai delicacies. This crispy Catfish Salad & Green Mango with Crabmeat and Tom Yum Custard is yet another interesting dish where the waitress will first explain the dish then only will she pour the crispy catfish flakes onto the sliced green mango with fresh crab meats sitting on a cushion of Tom Yum custard. Without stirring the dish, one will have the rare opportunity to taste a multi layer of sensations where different taste and bites melt in your mouth. Simply ecstatic.

香咖喱焖牛排 Kang Kiew Wan See Krong Neau Toon
香料烤鱼 Pla Yang Samunprai

Fish is a must order dish when it comes to Thai food. The Pla Yang Samunprai comes with a fish stuffed with special aromatic herbs, wrapped with banana leaf and grilled to perfection. For those who prefer a meat dish, the Kang Kiew Wan See Kwong Neau Toon uses a very unique technique to slow cook carefully selected beef ribs in an aromatic curry of green herbs and spices. The beef is so tender that it will melt in one’s mouth.

九层塔菠萝咸脆饼冰淇淋 Basil Ice-cream with fresh pineapple & salty meringue

Thai desserts are among the most popular around the world and for those with sweet tooth, it will definitely be a treat. The Basil Ice Cream with Fresh Pineapple and Salty Meringue that is in the Benjarong dessert menu is an odd but a perfect sweet and salty combination that will wow both young and old. If one dessert is not enough, then the very tasty and colourful Red Rubies & Jackfruit with Coconut Ice Cream will definitely end on a high note.

步入荣获多项餐饮奖项的Benjarong Restaurant (Dusit Thani Bangkok), 俨如置身在泰国堂皇皇室的奢华餐厅。餐厅的摆设、装潢设计别具心思,就连泰式料理的上菜方式也十分讲究。

Benjarong Restaurant 的招牌精致泰式菜肴有: Po-Pia Goong (泰式春卷)、Tom Yum Soup of Prawn, Galangal, Lemongrass (东炎酸辣虾汤)、Yum Pla Duk Foo Deconstructed (香脆鲶鱼青芒果沙拉)、Pla Yang Samunprai (香料烤鱼)、Kang Kiew Wan See Krong Neau Toon
(香咖喱焖牛排)、Basil Ice-cream with fresh pineapple and salty meringue (九层塔菠萝咸脆饼冰淇淋)、Red rubies and jackfruit with coconut ice-cream (红钻菠萝蜜椰香冰淇淋)。

Po-Pia Goong (泰式春卷) 是长形的脆皮春卷,裹着剁碎虾肉,是沾着具有淡淡酸辣口味的 Siracha 蛋黄酱一起吃的。

东炎酸辣虾汤 Tom Yum Soup of Prawn, Galangal, Lemongrass

Tom Yum Soup of Prawn, Galangal, Lemongrass (东炎酸辣虾汤) 这一道汤的呈现方式很特别。新鲜的全虾是先烤过,锁住了原有的肉质鲜美, 与草菇汤料置放在瓷碗,再加入热热的散发着香茅、高良姜香气的东炎汤。Yum Pla Duk Foo Deconstructed (香脆鲶鱼青芒果沙拉)是配搭 Tom Yum Soup of Prawn, Galangal, Lemongrass (东炎酸辣虾汤) 必备的前菜。Yum Pla Duk Foo Deconstructed (香脆鲶鱼青芒果沙拉)是用两份玻璃餐具呈现的:东炎酸辣酱和螃蟹肉是一份,香脆鲶鱼肉丝和青芒果沙拉是另一份。用餐前,把沙拉那一份倒入酸辣酱那一份,依照层次的吃下去。每一道层次都是给予不同的口感,先是香香脆脆的,接着是微东炎香和蟹肉的鲜美。也因此这两道料理:东炎酸辣虾汤和香脆鲶鱼青芒果沙拉是绝佳的配搭。

特色的蕉香 Pla Yang Samunprai (香料烤鱼) 是把秘制香料置放入鱼肉中,全鱼包裹在香蕉叶里烧烤而成的。

Kang Kiew Wan See Krong Neau Toon (香咖喱焖牛排)是特选牛排加各种香料、咖喱料经过72小时焖煮的。先是入口即溶的牛排肉质,随着香焖出来的辣香味在口中四溢,吃后真叫人回味再回味。

Basil Ice-cream with fresh pineapple and salty meringue (九层塔菠萝咸脆饼冰淇淋) 是别具一格的甜点。底层是香脆的咸脆饼和小黄梨块,上层是九层塔口味的冰淇淋。

另外就是泰式经典甜点的 Red rubies and jackfruit with coconut ice-cream (红钻菠萝蜜椰香冰淇淋)。Red rubies 指的是石榴籽。另外绿色的小球是西米露。和椰香冰淇淋、菠萝蜜加在一起,就是一道又好看,又好吃,必吃的泰式甜点了。

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香脆鲶鱼青芒果沙拉 Yum Pla Duk Foo Deconstructed