Passion & Growth Define Success 激情定义成就

Peter Minatsis

General Manager of Sheraton Melbourne Hotel

EZOZ10-5.jpg“Hospitality is a people industry and every day is different with new and exciting challenges.”

When Peter Minatsis took over the post as General Manager of the five-star Sheraton Melbourne Hotel, he knew that there is no time to waste. Located stylishly at the ‘Paris End’ of Little Collins Street, this luxury hotel is one of the most recent internationally branded hotel to open in the Melbourne CBD. Announcing the return of the Sheraton brand after a 10-year hiatus from the city, it is setting itself to becoming one of Melbourne’s most popular hotel brands that boasts over 174 stylish and contemporary guest rooms, 11 suites, chic roof-top bars, and the conceptual dining restaurant that focuses on homely comforts with a French-influenced menu.

“Our interior design is influenced by our location and gives that feeling of a high-end, European boutique hotel. These design features combined with our low key-count allow us to provide our guests with personalised service and unparalleled experiences,” said Minatsis.

As passionate as Minatsis is with his role as the General Manager, he believes that success will only pay if you are truly passionate with the subject of engagement. And in this case, it’s the guests and fellow team members that really brought out his love towards the hotel management industry. As humbling as it is, it was his first few jobs as a waiter that exposed him to the world of servicing the very best to others.

“The definition of success either personal or professional is different for everyone so you must not be driven by someone else’s idea of what success is. Be grateful for the opportunity to have attempted something even if it ended in failure.”

In his own words, as much as he loves the challenge of “juggling everything at the same time without dropping anything”, Minatsis represents an era believing that successful habits make successful careers. “I like to exercise early morning, either riding my bike or running which allows me to disconnect from emails, clears my mind and gives me a sense of accomplishment to start my day.” He also added that staying positive and considering opportunities in the darkest hour can save the day.

“Be the first to challenge the status quo and question why something can’t be done. Continue your quest for improvement and don’t quit.”

Born in Canada, Minatsis comes from a line of passionate individuals born of German and Greek descent. While being the youngest of three boys in the family, he has now built a family of his own. “I have a beautiful wife from Australia who keeps me balanced and my two amazing girls, 6 and 8 years old, whose laughter is my pride and joy.”

In anyways, both roles [a father & a General Manager] demand the highest form of communication and responsibilty achieved only through experience and wit. While many may just think about climbing the career ladder, it is stopping along the way to smell the roses that is more crucial in this industry. As cliche as it may sound, it is all about the passion and self development: “Be passionate and enjoy what you do no matter what it is and you will find success. Step outside your comfort zone and you will learn and grow far more than taking the known road.”




自Peter Minatsis任职墨尔本喜来登酒店总经理的那天起,他已开启分秒必争的倒计时。这家五星级的豪华酒店位于小柯林斯街(Little Collins Street)的“巴黎端”(Paris End),是最近在墨尔本中央商务区百花齐放的国际品牌酒店之一。而历经10年沉淀期后,喜来登品牌宣布重新返回这个城市,立志打造墨尔本最受欢迎的酒店品牌之一,拥有逾174间雅致现代感的客房,11间精致套房,加上别出匠心的顶楼酒吧,还有供应法式菜单的温馨舒适家常概念化餐厅。







by Monica Tong