Commanding the Food Import Sector 进口食品指挥官

Ben Low

Director of Wah Lien Trading Pty Ltd

EZOZ10-1.jpg“My tips to running a successful business is very simple, be friendly and sincere to keep our customers happy and when they are happy, they will keep coming back to us.”

When 20-year-old Ben Low first arrived in Australia back in 1986, he had only managed to get work as a general worker in a restaurant. Low’s father was a factory owner back in Malaysia, manufacturing chicken feed but during that period, the economic downturn had badly affected the business. “I was selling chicken feed by the roadside and nobody wanted it, times were really bad that time,” Low said.

So, Low set out to seek greener pastures in Australia first before his father too decided to start over in Australia. When his father first came over to Australia, they started out in the import and trading business by distributing cigarettes imported from Singapore. “It only lasted a few years but that’s the start we needed and by 1992, we started Wah Lien Trading,” he said.

Wah Lien Trading imports Asian food products such as canned food, noodles, seasonings, sauces, pastes, cooking oil and assorted spices and dried herbs. Low travels often to seek out new products to import and distribute to Asian stores in Australia. “We have to continue seeking out products to meet our customers’ needs and I am always taking the initiative to bring in new products from other countries,” he said.

When Wah Lien started out, they only have one warehouse and since Low took over the business from his father about 11 years ago, it has grown to four warehouses and a vision to expand into the property sector. Low believed the success of the trading company was due to his daring attitude in taking risks.

“I dared to take risks and this is how we have expanded to what we are today. I dared to take in whole shipments of new products to try and it worked to our advantage.”

That was not all, Low has a very simple and straight-forward tip to running a successful business. “My tips to running a successful business is very simple, be friendly and sincere to keep our customers happy and when they are happy, they will keep coming back to us,” he said. He believed in treating his clients like friends and when they are on friendly terms, the clients tend to be more loyal. “This is very natural, if you want something, you’d rather go to your friend rather than someone you don’t know,” he added.

Looking forward, Low said his import, export and wholesale business in the food sector will continue to be in high demand, if not on the increase. “Essential food such as rice, vermicelli, cooking oil and spices are economy-proof. Even if times are bad, people still need to eat, they still need to cook rice and use cooking oil,” he said. Low is now also eyeing the property sector by taking a tentative first step with a land purchase. He plans to go into this slowly by first buying a land and building a factory. “This doesn’t mean I will be changing sectors, I will continue to import food products, it is our core business,” he said.

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1986年,年仅20岁的 Ben Low 首次踏上澳大利亚土地,只能在一家餐厅找到打工机会。 他的父亲之前在马来西亚开了家生产鸡饲料的工厂,但期间工厂企业遭受经济衰退的严重打击。“我当时在路边叫卖鸡饲料都无人问津,那是最糟糕的时刻。”



刚开始发展的时候,华联贸易只有一个仓库,但自从11年前,Ben Low 从父亲手上接管业务后,目前已拓展为四个仓库,并扩大至涉猎房地产领域。他认为,贸易公司的成功是出于他不怕冒险。“我敢于承担风险,这就是为何我们能够拓展到今天的局面。我可以将整个新产品的出货量作为尝试,只要是对我们有利。”