Precision Meets Creativity 精度邂逅创意

Finch & Partners & Jaeger-LeCoultre continued their collaboration with the third series of the exhibition ‘The Art of Behind The Scenes’. The vernissage held at the Hôtel du Cap (Antibes) on 19th May 2017, coincided with the Cannes Film Festival and the Charles Finch Filmmakers Dinner.

This third series by Finch & Partners reveals a selection of photographs taken by some of the world’s most accomplished ‘on-set’ photographers providing an opportunity to celebrate the art of photography and to travel back into the golden era of filmmaking. Jaeger-LeCoultre also displayed a Compass camera created in 1938. This exceptional vintage camera pays tribute to the legacy of the Manufacture with a further series of classic photos captured through its camera lens in New York, Paris and Shanghai.


Finch & Partners 与积家 (Jaeger-LeCoultre) 再续前缘,合作系列3的“幕后的艺术”摄影展览会。展会开幕日2017年5月19日,在法国昂蒂布(Antibes) 的杜卡普酒店 (Hôtel du Cap) 举行了庆祝活动,恰逢戛纳电影节和 Charles Finch 的电影制作人晚宴。

由 Finch & Partners 制作的第三系列揭示了全球最成功的“片场”摄影师所拍摄的照片,这是欣赏绝佳摄影视觉艺术的良机,也让我们返回经典电影制作的黄金时代。积家也展示了1938年生产的古典罗盘相机,透过这相机镜头,也致敬了在纽约、巴黎和上海捕捉制作的一系列经典照片。