The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 飞行表


Longines celebrated the 90th anniversary of the first ever non-stop solo transatlantic flight by Charles Lindbergh this year. The solo flight was timed by the Swiss watchmaker and in celebration of the anniversary, Vice President of Longines Juan-Carlos Capelli presented a new edition of its legendary timepiece, the Longines Hour Angle Watch, that was designed in partnership with Lindbergh after the famed aviator’s historic flight.

The new edition, The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary, was presented in a numbered series limited to 90 watches. This exceptional titanium and steel timepiece is intended for those who are passionate about history, adventure and watchmaking.

Charles Lindbergh in front of his plane “The Spirit of St. Louis”
Bernard Decré, Juan-Carlos Capelli, Catherine Maunoury & Katja Henke

浪琴(Longines)今年刚欢庆世界闻名飞行员Charles Lindbergh首次不间断直飞大西洋90周年纪念,而这唯一单飞传奇是由这家瑞士制表品牌所记载。在周年庆典的同时,浪琴副总裁Juan – Carlos Capelli 也隆重推介这个传奇腕表-浪琴 Hour Angle Watch 时角手表的新版本,这是飞行员 Charles Lindbergh 缔造历史性飞行后与浪琴携手设计研制。

至于The Lindbergh Hour Angle飞行表的90周年新版本,将限量发行90枚。这个特殊非凡的钛与钢腕表是为那些热衷于历史、冒险和制表的激情人士所打造。