Incredible Gala Ball 盛大晚会

On February 11th an incredible gala ball was hosted in Melbourne. The Carnevale Masquerade Amore Ball.

Its inception is a soft launch for the much anticipated Carnevale Festival which will be hosted later this year in Melbourne.

The Carnevale Masqueade Amore Ball was hosted at the incredible Peninsula Venue (Part of the Atlantic Group); and was presented by Eventcepts as part of La Dolce Italia Festival Series.

Ambassadors Robert Dipierdomenico (Dipper) and Mirko Grillini alongside the founder Connie Paglianiti and Italian Consulate General Marco Maria Cerbo – welcomed the incredible event as we were led into the Valentines Weekend.

Non step entertainment engulfed the night and patrons were left dazzled with acts such as 100% Kylie, Jack Gatto, Daryl McKenzie, Immaculate Madonna, Voci Classiche, The Sommeliers, Danielle Soccio, John Barresi and more.

Described as one of the most incredible gala events ever hosted in Melbourne – we cannot wait to see what the end of the year will bring.

The Carenvale Masquerade Amore Ball was a fundraising initiative to assist the earthquake victims in Italy. Over $50,000AUD was raised with items auctioned such as a pair of 18ct white gold vintage-styled diamond and sapphire stud earrings from Ka’llure; 2017 Singapore Grand prix tickets for 2 people for 4 nights; 19th Century Grand Art Chateau in Burgundy France for 10 people for 7 nights and more. . .

If you haven’t yet had the chance to be part of this incredible series of festivals we recommend you to visit to stay updated.


2月11日,一个令人尖叫难以置信的盛大化妆面具舞会将在墨尔本举行 – The Carenvale Masquerade Amore Ball。这个万众期待的庆典预计将在今年下旬在墨尔本嘉年华会启动。

这项超级盛会是由 Peninsula Venue (Atlantic Group属下) 主办,并作为La Dolce意大利节日庆典系列,由Eventcepts所倾力呈献。

形象大使 Robert Dipierdomenico (Dipper) 和Mirko Grillini,还有策划人 Connie Paglianiti 联合意大利领事馆总领事 Marco Maria Cerbo 共同迎来这个盛大活动,我们似乎被带往情人节周末。

100% Kylie、Jack Gatto、Daryl McKenzie、Immaculate Madonna、Voci Classiche、The Sommeliers、Danielle Soccio,John Barresi等。


此外,The Carenvale Masquerade Amore Ball同时也是一项筹款活动,作为援助意大利的地震灾民。超过价值5万澳元珍贵的项目拍卖,例如一对 Ka’llure 品牌的 18ct 白金复古风格钻石和蓝宝石耳环; 2017年新加坡国际大奖赛双人4晚; 法国勃艮第的19世纪 Grand Art Chateau 10人7晚等。

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