Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid 马德里时尚周


Ana Locking

Ana Locking closes the humanitarian trilogy with “The Dreamer” collection that conveys the message of “The power to the dreamer”. A sober palette of colours where the nude, camel, red and black were combined with a great wealth and variety of materials and textures.

Fashion4.jpgMiguel Marinero

Miguel Marinero has demonstrated perfect and refined patterns, revolving around the image of the 1980s and combining it in an initially impossible way with the sixteenth-century Spain. The mixture of garments of different styles and the perfect combination of materials have created modernity and sensuality from memories of the past.

Fashion1Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

Summer has ended but the fun continued when Ágatha Ruiz transformed her world into a collection of candy-inspired garments that wrap the body in the shape of cupcakes, doughnuts, pies, lollipops, gift boxes and everything you can find at a great party for a parade of true delights and treats.

Francis Montesinos

The “Adam and Eve in Paradise” collection by Francis Montesinos is a call to nature and a tribute to the principality of Asturias – its places, landscapes and countryfolk. It takes a giddy leap into the future while displaying exuberance, character and nature.