Visionary, Revolutionary, Mobility 远瞩、革新、流动

What does the future hold? … Only time will tell but if one is without a vision, then time will be wasted. In London’s Roundhouse, Rolls-Royce presented Vision Next 100, its first ever pure ‘Vision Vehicle’ showcasing how the world’s most luxury automobile will look like in the future.

The Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 presents an intriguing and aesthetically dynamic vision of the future of luxury mobility  – a completely personal, effortless and autonomous Rolls-Royce experience, wrapped in a design that ensures a ‘Grand Sanctuary’ for its occupants, and a ‘Grand Arrival’.

只有时间会告知未来的姿态,但如缺乏远见,就只能放任时光流逝。而劳斯莱斯在伦敦的Roundhouse展示了概念车 “Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100”,完美挑明了这个全球最高端的汽车品牌未来豪华的出行方向。

这款具备精密工艺和精致体验,融合劳斯莱斯独特设计如 “Grand Sanctuary”,还有 “Grand Arrival”特质的未来车,并将契合至臻完美的个性化需求。

For Rolls-Royce, the end of production of the seventh generation Phantom – considered by aficionados to be “the best car in the world”. The success of Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and now Dawn serves as the foundation for a bold new chapter.

In this spirit, the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 is presented – a truly revolutionary, highly authentic exploration of the future of luxury mobility. It provides a fully authentic look into the potential demands and desires of the wealthy connoisseur of the future.


延续这种精神,劳斯莱斯 VISION NEXT 100 发出了一个真正革命性的信号,更高度探索豪华汽车的未来。它展现一个完全真实发掘未来潜在需求和富裕鉴赏家的渴望。