From the Land of the Rising Sun 源自太阳升起之地

Embrace the Japanese in you and delight in one of Melbourne’s finest Japanese restaurant. Kenzan, selected as one of the top 10 Japanese restaurants in Melbourne, may just have what it takes to stay on top of the list. It plays a strict game when it comes to selecting the freshest ingredients available in the market and is famed for serving the freshest and top quality fish in town.

Since its opening in 1981, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength emerging strongly from one of the hardest hit financial recession in 1989 and braced a growing and competitive economy. It’s highly commended among local residents and remain popular in the busiest district in Melbourne – Victoria.


拥抱纯正的日本需要品尝最好的日本餐厅-Kenzan,这家被列入墨尔本 Top 10 之一的日本餐厅,态度和味道正是它在榜单前列的杀手锏。在竞争爆棚的业务大环境,具备严格食材把关,只选择市场上顶级新鲜原材料,并且呈上城镇上最生鲜的鱼类料理。


Named after the distinguished potter and painter Ogata Kenzan from the Edo period, Kenzan now employs chefs specifically trained in Japan. Through this effort alone, it has successfully maintained a legacy and authenticity of the finest from the land of the rising sun.

Kenzan is now owned by three owners – Boing Cho, Kazu Murayama and Yuki Munehiro. Some of its most favourite and crowd-pleasing dishes are nonetheless some of the most traditional selection that include sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, shabu shabu and tempura.

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餐厅是以江户时期着名陶艺家与画家Ogata Kenzan命名,餐厅所聘用的皆是在日本受过专业培训的厨师,透过严谨不懈的努力,成功维持了太阳冉冉升起之地的传统和真实。

目前Kenzan的3名合资人为Boing Cho,KazuMurayama和Yuki Munehiro。深受食客欢迎的招牌菜肴皆为传统的原味美食,包括寿司,生鱼片,寿喜烧,日式涮涮锅和天妇罗。