Serengeti-Africa the Other World非洲迷情:新天地

With a visceral passion for photography and a genuine desire to foster the talents of today’s youth, David Liao embraced the opportunity to nurture the raw talent that is Ben Battersby.

在摄影艺术方面满怀才华的DavidLiao,向来不吝于扶持具有潜质的生力军,Ben Battersby正是近期重点栽培的新生代摄影师。

Serengeti4.png“When Ben approached me seeking creative guidance in designing his new book the first thing that piqued my interest was his irrepressible enthusiasm – it was downright infectious.  Before long I was irrevocably drawn into the magical world of African wildlife and the remarkable complexities of Wildebeest migrations,” recalls Liao.


Ben is one of those rare individuals who have been able to transform an intense childhood love for wildlife into a dream fulfilled: studying fascinating migrations around the world.


Serengeti2.png“I hope to bring to life the powerful and intimate experience of my sojourn in Serengeti and the spectacular feat of sheer endurance that is the Wildebeests’ annual migration.  My aim is to cultivate an appreciation and awareness of the intricate beauty of animal life and through this a sensitivity to the need for conservation,” says Battersby.


Ben’s forthcoming book detailing the phenomenon of the Wildebeest migration is a culmination of countless forays into the African savannah and years of compiling invaluable data on the various stages and cycles of the Wildebeests’ journey.


Serengeti3.png“Spending twelve days with Ben on safari in the heart of Africa has been a transformative experience.  Having the creative licence to encapsulate the stunning array of powerful images through the medium of photography and to help Ben ultimately realise his childhood dreams is incredible.”