Of Woman & Theatre 游走女性与戏剧之间


Carolyn Masson

Professional Performer

Carolyn Masson is an experienced Melbourne based actress. Television credits include Neighbours, Bed of Roses and Antiques with Attitude (“AWA”). AWA is a quirky yet much admired programme about Collectibles. Much of series 3 of AWA was filmed at the magnificent “Stokes’ Collection” at Macedon in Victoria. The Stokes’ Collection is regarded by many antique experts as the greatest private collection in the southern hemisphere. In AWA, Carolyn played the part of Josephine Bonaparte (the former wife of the French Emperor), a renowned collector whose home, “Malmaison” is located outside Paris. The Stokes’ Collection and its gardens were used as the fictional location when filming AWA. Antiques with Attitude is about to commence filming Series 4. Carolyn was also part of series 2 where she played an historical character, Catherine Eddowes.

In performance, Carolyn’s first passion was theatre. She is interested in minimalist theatre and intimate spaces and has performed in many festivals and theatrical spaces. Theatre funding in Australia has had recent cuts but Carolyn says: “there are many small, independent theatre groups in Victoria which keep the scene very vibrant and it is important to support them. It is such an exciting art form and people love it when they arrive, particularly if it is a small space, as they tend to feel a part of something. It is very hard to go to a small theatre space and see a show without someone actually speaking to you.” Carolyn sees benefits in non traditional theatre spaces for example: cafes, houses, etc.

“With traditional theatres becoming so expensive to hire, theatre can be fun for the audience and also more intimate in different theatre spaces”. Afterall, it is all about storytelling; you can tell a story anywhere – out the back of a truck or on a street corner.”

She is a member of Melbourne Writers Theatre where new stories are told, play readings occur and plays are performed. Meetings and performances are in Carlton, Victoria. So for budding or experienced writers, directors and actors, it is a terrific place to join and contribute.

Carolyn has trained with and recommends Melbourne Actors Lab (Peter Kalos/Method acting) and says her theatre mentor is Brenda Palmer with whom she has worked a great deal over several years and continues that collaboration. (Brenda is a respected Melbourne based actor and director.)

One of her favourite theatrical experiences was performing in Penang in 2013 in conjunction with the Georgetown Festival at the lovely “China House”, an exciting multipurpose heritage venue. Carolyn and her theatre group colleagues were fortunate to experience several other multicultural artistic performances during the Festival. Carolyn is a regular visitor to Penang and is keen to explore further artistic collaborations there.

“There are many small, independent theatre groups in Victoria which keep the scene very vibrant and it is important to support them”.

Carolyn has recently completed a sell out season of “To the Naked Eye” by Cerise de Gelder, performed in June 2016 at La Mama Theatre in Carlton, Melbourne.

What are her next projects? Carolyn is looking forward to “Experience the Knowing” a feature film due for release in late 2016. She played the role of Sophia (wise woman), a performance filmed entirely imprisoned in a somewhat uncomfortable cage.

Also, Carolyn has been casted as a co-compere in “Haunted Australia”, currently in pre-production. The tele-series will highlight gold prospecting, supernatural occurrences and architectural history in early Victoria. Also in preproduction is a pilot for a web series called “Altered” to be produced by Elle Bates Films (Elle is a young up and coming producer/ director.). Carolyn is playing the lead character Alix’s English mother and is thrilled to be working with Elle again. Filming for “Altered” will commence in mid July 2016.

Carolyn’s commercial clients include the Australian Football League, Sportsbet, Glaxo-Smith Kline and Coles (TV and online advertisements).

CarolynMasson,一名散发独特神采、经验丰富驻墨尔本的女演员。她的电视演出作品包括“Neighbours”,“Bedof Roses”和“Antiques with Attitude-AWA”。

AWA备受推崇为描述古雅收藏品的电视节目,其中系列3大部分瑰丽华美的 “Stokes Collections”都是在维多利亚州马其顿拍摄制作,而Stokes Collections是让众多古董专家视为南半球最佳私人珍藏馆。在片集中,Carolyn所扮演的Josephine Bonaparte(法国帝王的前妻)是著名收藏家,居于巴黎郊外Malmaison。而Stokes Collections是作为片中花园的虚构拍摄地点,AWA也即将开拍系列4。另外,Carolyn曾参与系列2的拍摄,她演出历史人物Catherine Eddowes。





作为培训自身的机构,Carolyn力荐墨尔本演员实验室(Peter Kalos/体验派表演),她的戏剧导师是Brenda Palmer,他们已经合作多年,并持续这种良好的化学作用。(Brenda Palmer是知名和备受尊崇的墨尔本演员兼导演。)

她最难忘的是在2013年槟城乔治市艺术家美丽的“China House”戏剧演出经验,这是具有浓厚古迹文化的表演场地。她和戏剧组同伴们也有幸在农历新年期间体验多元文化的艺术表演。Carolyn也作为常客探访槟城,并热衷于在那里寻求合作的机会。

而Carolyn最近完成Cerise de Gelder的作品“To the Naked Eye”的戏剧演出,2016年6月在墨尔本CarltonLaMama剧院公演。

至于下一个计划?她期待着电影“Experience the Knowing”在2016年下旬上映,她扮演的Sophia(一名聪慧女性),被囚禁在令人难受的笼子间进行拍摄。

此外,Carolyn也投入目前迈入前期制作的“Haunted Australia”,作为联合主持人演出。这个节目系列将突出描绘早年维多利亚的黄金勘探、灵异事件和历史建筑。同时,她也确认主演网络剧“Altered”,这部由Elle Bates Films制作的剧集,Elle为年轻制片人兼导演。她对于再次与Elle合作表示兴奋,这部作品在2016年7月中旬开拍。