Flight of the Titan重返天际

Rimowa’s Dieter Morszeck built a replica of the first all-metal aircraft – F13 Junkers. The classic Swiss Alps,  famously known for its high peaks, sheer valleys and cool peaks, saw the launch of the ‘mother of all commercial aircraft’ the Junkers F13 – a replica of the legendary official first flight that flew over Dübendorf Switzerland almost 100 years ago.

Initiated by the Association of Friends of Historical Aircraft (VFL), the project saw the partnership between JU-AIR, VFL and Rimowa that took seven years of research, planning and approvals before its maiden flight.

Rimova, one of Europe’s leading luggage manufacturers known for its corrugated-aluminum hard cases, uses grooved sheet metal for over 60 years in making its product, which was also a material that became a hallmark of Junkers aircraft. This affiliation went a step further seeing Rimowa sponsoring the construction of the first airworthy F13 replica.

Annelise 2 was the name given to the aircraft as a salute to one of the first Junkers F13 planes ever to fly commercial. It blazes a trail in modern-day passenger aviation as the world’s first all-metal commercial aircraft to have recorded an altitude of 6,750 meters in 1919.

Those who attended were wowed with the aviation technology of the past that saw the engine delivered 450 hp with a cruising speed of 176 km/h. A live screen on the airfield displayed live images giving onlookers a real life experience directly from the cockpit.

Rimowa品牌第三代传人 Dieter Morszeck 月前公布了受到万千瞩目的全球首架金属客机 – F13 Junkers。 于1919年面世,1920年启用的原型F13 Junkers,100 年前在瑞士苏黎世 Dübendorf 机场启航,如今Dieter Morszeck 再度重回旧地,亲自驾驶自家生产的 F13 Junkers翱翔天际,飞越瑞士阿尔卑斯,完成壮举。

由瑞士JU-AIR,历史飞机之友协会(VFL)和 Rimowa联手推行的这项大规模项目,一共耗费了七年时间研究,规划,以及完成多项审批,从而成就了今次的处女飞行。Rimowa,作为欧洲顶尖享誉的行李制造商品牌,向以轻巧坚固的波纹铝板,受到飞行常客的追捧,60年来坚持以高度耐抗性的铝板,结合大容量空间,轻巧工艺以及时尚外形的特点,被视为经典不败的行李品牌。事实上,这架F13 Junkers客机的外表材质均采用了与Rimowa铝制行李箱相近的航空用铝材质。透过这项铝材质延伸使用的F13 Junkers客机复刻项目,进一步拉近Rimowa与之的渊源关系。

这架全新复刻版F13 Junkers客机被命名为Annelise 2,旨在向其中一架最早完成的 F13 Junkers 致敬。F13 Junkers 的原型,是世上首架全金属商用客机,早于1919年已创下6750米的飞行高度纪录。