UAG Turns 20周年绽放绚烂未来

UAG celebrated it’s 20th anniversary in April 2016 with a spectacular rooftop party at “North”; the latest stunning addition to UAG’s  significant portfolio of projects.

Nicole Chow, Managing Director welcomed 200 guests to the Rooftop Pool Oasis in North Melbourne. UAG’s Development, Design and Construction industry partners and VIPs enjoyed a remarkable event on a warm Melbourne evening, complete with Chinese Lion dancers and typical UAG stylish hospitality.

UAG 1.pngUAG has evolved from humble yet ambitious beginnings 20 years ago to emerge as a design-led development team focusing on premium residential and mixed-use projects in Melbourne’s finest suburbs. Smaller luxury residential projects in bayside Melbourne created the momentum to develop into larger designer apartment projects in Brighton, South Yarra, Hawthorn, North Melbourne and now Armadale.

UAG also has Asian projects in the pipeline including Penang and Singapore,creating a substantial Australasian design and development studio presence to drive UAG’s passion for design and development excellence into the future.



20年前从最初小规模公司成长为如今在墨尔本最佳郊区地段,专注创建高端住宅和多用途发展项目的著名设计开发团队。从小格局的海湾豪华住宅,进阶为大型奢华公寓住宅项目遍布于富裕黄金区域Brighton、South Yarra、Hawthorn,北墨尔本与目前的Armadale。