Sotherby’s Hammering It Hard 猛力下锤


Price Over The Moon 欣喜月亮

A blue and white moonflask, Ming Dynasty from the Yongle period inspired in shape and decoration by Middle Eastern models was hammered for a cool USD12.7 million. Although the hammered price exceeded a lot from the high estimatation of USD4.5 million, the complex geometric design had no precedent in Chinese art making this piece very unusual and rare.


Sold for a Song 宋朝买卖
An outstanding ‘Guan’ octagonal vase from the Southern Song Dynasty was sold for USD14.6 million to the Long Museum in Shanghai, China. This is the third highest price for any Song ceramics at auction.



Sealed and Sold 印玺出售
Bearing the inscription “Revere Heaven and Serve thy People”, this most powerful seal carved for the Kangxi Emperor was sealed during auction with an impressive sales price of USD11.9 million. This result is also a world record for a Kangxi imperial seal in auction.


Shirley Temple’s… Blue Diamond Ring… Pass! 秀兰邓波的蓝钻戒…
Highly anticipated Shirley Temple’s 9.54-carat ‘Fancy Deep Blue’ diamond ring was failed to be sold in Sotheby’s recent auction in New York. The ring was bought by the actress’s father in 1940 around the time of her 12th birthday and was estimated to worth up to USD35,000,000. The bid started at USD19,000,000 and went quiet at USD22,000,000 that was below the reserve price. The auction house later issued a formal statement saying that it is confident to find a buyer for this magnificent piece.