Chairing Moments 椅子时刻

Harry2.pngThe old oak chair that J.K. Rowling used while writing the first two Harry Potter series was sold in a heritage auction sale in New York for USD394,000. A mismatched dining room chair that was actually given free to this little known writer then in 1995 later went on to be one very expensive chair when Rowling shot to fame with the world’s best-selling literary series.

J. K. 罗琳撰写哈利波特首2个系列时使用的老橡树椅子,在纽约文物拍卖会以39万4000美元脱售。这个不匹配的饭厅椅子,其实是早年默默无名的J. K. 罗琳免费获得的,1995年后,当罗琳成为世界上最畅销小说作家时,却变成一张非常昂贵的椅子。

Image(s) courtesy of Heritage Auctions &