Melbourne Art Fair Cancelled 墨尔本艺术博览会已取消!

Highly anticipated and only another few months to go, organiser of the Melbourne Art Fair had just announced that this important and successful biennale down under that attracted over 80 galleries and made a sales of $100 million in 2014 is now cancelled.

Chairperson of the non-profit Melbourne Art Foundation, Anna Pappas, cited that one of the reasons of this unfortunate announcement was due to the withdrawal of some of the high-profile galleries days before payment of the exhibition was due according to The Guardian reports. Pappas further elaborated that the organiser has no interest in becoming an affordable and mediocre art fair.

One of the withdrawn galleries voiced an opinion that the cost commitment was high, yet there were signs of good marketing and professional staff handling the fair. Another gallery had an interview with Art Asia Pacific, citing that the unofficial announcement that Sydney Contemporary run by the Art Fairs Australia (AFA) will be transforming the biannual art fair into an annual event in 2017 had influenced the decision. Adding insult to injury was that AFA had terminated its 20-year term contract with Melbourne Art Fair after 18 months.



其中一个退出的画廊认为,即使有良好的营销和专业工作人员举办这场博览会,但仍嫌成本太昂贵。另一个退出的画廊接受亚太艺术组织采访时说,举办悉尼当代艺术展的澳大利亚艺博会协会 (AFA),将在2017年把该双年展改成常年展的非正式消息传出后,影响了他们的决定。