Beauty & the Jewels 美人与珠宝

“They remind me of the warmth of the sun and the magnificent scenery.”

Thus effused the Korean beauty and actress Ha Ji-Won of Piaget’s brand new Mediterranean Garden High Jewellery collection that captures the essence of the Mediterranean in its dazzling jewelleries.

The beauty and the splendid jewellery of Piaget were both the stars in a photoshoot by world renowned photographer Huang Tien Jen. Huang captured the fascinating exquisiteness and classic elegance of this match made in heaven. Designed for the modern woman in mind, nothing says radiant sophistication and understated luxury better than the Piaget.

“她们让我想起了温暖阳光和壮丽风貌。”韩国美女演员河智苑优雅诠释伯爵全新 Mediterranean Garden 高级珠宝系列,体现另外六十年代蔚蓝如梦,粼粼波动的地中海优美风情。