Kings of the Wild Frontier 苍茫奢靡的国度

If you are well-travelled and think no destination could still provide you a jaw-dropping experience, then you need to look on the north of the map! A trip to Antarctica is a ‘once in a lifetime’ voyage, to be twinned with Le Boreal luxury and comfort cruises crossing past the fascinating icebergs, penguins and through the Drake Passage before being at Antarctica. Surrounded by the Southern Ocean, Antarctica is the fifth-largest continent with 98% of the continent covered in miles-thick ice, and doubles in size during winter when sea ice builds up around. Hold an average temperature at -89°C, there are no permanent human residents but research centres sparsely spread in Antarctica with scientists living on a temporary basis. It is home to the penguins, seals and whales.

有人说,去南极是“一生只有一次”的航程。这个说的,当然是难度之外还有高昂费用……从奢华舒适游轮Le Boreal穿越摄人魂魄的冰山,目击可爱的企鹅,抵达前穿过全球最宽的德雷克海峡。随着南大洋的环绕,南极洲是第五大的陆。98%的土地覆盖在整英里厚的冰层,冬季时候周围将生成海冰。保持平均温度为-89°C,这里的永久居民仅有企鹅,海豹和鲸鱼,至于从事科研的科学家则住在临时基地研究中心。

Get Up Close with the Penguins

Not many places in the world like is Antarctica where you can be at arm’s length from thousands of penguins. 

This is the place where you can experience the little creatures in tuxedo slide around on their bellies and splash around in the water in their natural environment. This is just the beginning. The excitement continues as you get up close and personal with the penguins. When you see them scampering around, run happily toward you and circle your feet promising you an “epic” wilderness experience!




For decades, Deception Island was a whaling station and is the caldera of an active volcano.

Stepping on the land of the largest colony of the Chinstrap penguins, this land provides great opportunities to commune with nature to learn about volcanoes, geothermal activities, whaling and Science. The Pendulum Cove is the only place in Antarctica you can enjoy bathing in the hot springs that provide you with an opportunity to feel between blistering hot and frigid water. Due to its geographical formation with protected interior port, the horseshoe-shaped land mass is one of the world’s safest natural harbours.


奇幻岛实际上是一座活火山口,形成于一万年前的一次火山大爆发,直径约15公里的世界最大天然港口。钟摆湾(Pendulum Cove)是唯一可以在南极享受泡温泉的地方,它是奇幻岛下面的一处海湾,山体与海滩上的沙子皆是黑色,沙子温度显示为摄氏60多度,海水泛着氤氲热气。


ICY Kayaking & Camping

Hop on a kayak to explore the intricate ecosystem and marvellous nuances of the abundant wildlife found ashore. 

While paddling, you will encounter notorious leopard seals, adorable fur seals sunbathing on icebergs, penguins mingle amid glimmering turquoise glaciers and enormous tower sparkling icebergs. To take your expedition to the next level, spend a night to camp out in the cold and shield yourself from wind and snow. If you visit during summer, you will experience a sun that never sleeps, a ‘night’ with periods of sleet, roars of seals, promising you get the best camping experience ever!




Lemaire Channel

A lie between the mainland Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island, the channel is flanked by steep cliffs and icebergs. 

This channel is the place where you can see the views of seven majestic miles of mountains and wildlife with magnificent patterns of ice floes. The best way to reach the channel is by boat. Along your journey, you will see humpback whales escorting the boat leading you into the hidden world of nature’s beauty.

再来到勒梅尔通道(Lemaire Channel),它位于大陆南极半岛和Booth岛之间,该通道的两侧是陡峭的悬崖和冰山



Begin your journey in style and confidence that reveals your destination at its authentic best with super mega-yacht:

Le Boréal:  Awarded as the Best Ship of the Year 2010 by European Cruiser Association. The yacht consists of 132 cabins, was built with superior materials; with signature theme linking tradition and innovation to create personal touches in the spirit of a ‘‘private yacht’’.

Le Soléal: Designed in 2013, this elegant yacht comes with 132 staterooms and suites with balconies, embellished with contemporary décor inspired by the luxury yachting world.


北冕号 (Le Boreal):被评为2010年度欧洲巡洋舰协会最好的邮轮。该邮轮设有132原木客舱,特色的主题设计,并且以“私人游艇”的创新精神打造。

日丽号 (Le Soléal):2013年设计,这个优雅的邮轮配有132客舱和带阳台的套房,现代的装饰灵感来自顶级豪华游艇。


Port Lockroy

Port Lockroy is the former British research station and today it has converted into a post office and museum, surrounded by amazing scenery with Gentoo penguins. 

Drop in at Gaudier Island and send yourself a postcard from the world’s southernmost post office, and for sure it is a marvellous experience. Although it takes 2-3 months for the deliveries due to the weather conditions, but as we always say ‘’good things are worth waiting’’. The post office also doubles as a gift shop. A lot of unique souvenirs could be found there but bear in mind they are pricey.



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