Connecting People 联系人群



HTNetwork organised a gathering early in the new year where 30 odd friends, both old and new, were invited to celebrate while networking. The invited guests were from various industries, including those from private business investment, government sector, luxury automotive and fashion, fine food and restaurants, information technology, public relation, etc. The founder of CHTNetwork, CH’NG Huck Theng believes that the success of the organisation greatly depends on its motto of … Where All Good Things in Life Meet – connecting beautiful people and introducing quality products. The gathering was held at Temple Brewery located at Brunswick East, Melbourne. A very unique restaurant that brews its own award winning craft beers and serves amazing food.

客人来自各个行业,包括私人商业投资、政府部门、豪华汽车和时尚、美食和餐馆、资讯科技、公共联系等等。创办人CHT认为,CHTNetwork 的成功很大程度上取决于它的座右铭…“生命中的美好事物相遇之处,连接美丽的人,引进优质产品”。这场聚会在位于墨尔本东布伦瑞克的Temple Brewery 举行。这是一家非常独特的餐厅,酿造本身屡获殊荣的精酿啤酒,同时供应精致美食。