Con Ilio – Luxury Fashion Designer 奢华时装设计师


 Con Ilio (Fashion designer of Con Ilio Melbourne)

Con Ilio is a lover of all things beautiful and is a Melbourne designer of his self named label. He specialises in couture designer of women’s bespoke wedding and evening gowns boasting an impressive clientele. His line is known to embody style, finesse and empowerment for the inner God and Goddess. His strong use of elegance is shown and embellished in bead and lace elements. We spoke to Con as he shared with us more about his business, style and inspiration of elegance

Con Ilio是属于一切美丽事物的代名词,是这名墨尔本设计师自我命名的标签。他专心为女性打造婚礼时尚与晚礼服,细腻的设计曲线体现风格、技巧和点缀女性的内在,铸造每一个维也纳女神。他善于使用优雅的装饰珠和蕾丝元素塑造时尚,并分享了更多关于他的商业、风格和优雅的灵感泉源。

How did the brand or the idea of it begin?
A. I started working from home on my own and had a lot of help from my mum. I was also trying to get involved as much as I could in the fashion industry so I was modeling and doing hair dressing on the side. At home, I was making gowns and dresses for my sisters, my mother and did more for friends’ weddings. It was a slow and steady growth process.


160107 Con Ilio 141_low.jpg
What is your signature look?

I like to use different fabrics and techniques – my signature is the small waist and curvy hips to accentuate the hourglass figure. You’ll see something that’s always on the edge and very elegant. I love beautiful things and I want women to feel beautiful when they wear the gowns.


As every gown involves a lot of work, which one involved the most hours?
The most complex gown we did was the hydrangea couture gown where we used 21,500 petals and delicately hand sewed each of them onto the bodice and skirt of the gown. It’s very heavy but beautiful and involved several days and nights of work.


160107 Con Ilio 410_low.jpgAs you have a niche selection of menswear, can you describe its style?
Think 007 James Bond – looking sleek and dangerous with clean sophisticated cuts. I started by making mens wear for myself as I always wanted to wear something new when I hit the town. One of my friends suggested I open up that line as she believed that my style would grab attention as they are daring and unique.