The Warrior’s way 武士之道

Jacob Galea

Author, Business Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Super Coach

By Karina Foo

Many of us do not fight with our destinies, as que sera, sera, whatever will be will be. But this isn’t the case with Jacob Galea as he combated his obscure vision for his future as a factory worker and transformed it into one that has made him into an influential role model today.

The success coach, mentor and business man has trained thousands and spoke in front of audiences sharing his wisdom and guidance to help people and businesses all over the world to reach their unlimited potential and live with a true purpose. He also recently released a self-authored inspirational and self-empowerment book, “Birth of a Super You” to lead people into living a super life.

All that Jacob has achieved would be considered an incredible feat by many as he battled all odds of earning a minimum wage salary showing that we too can achieve whatever we desire.

“I have always believed that all of us have a purpose in life – mine was not to be a factory worker.  I truly believed there was a better version of myself within – and that persona was destined for greater things.”

“What’s important is what you feel on the inside, it doesn’t matter what your outside world and conditions are like as long as you have a very clear vision on where you are going. I never lived in the present moment, I lived in the visualisation in my mind of where I wanted to be, I knew the factory environment was only temporary because I had the inner strength, faith, belief, and determination to want more while I walked on this planet,” explained Jacob.

One of the underlying issues faced by many is the ever-changing fast paced, corporate rat race that’s separating us from our own humanity. This is also what spurred Jacob to create a movement where people should make quality time for themselves as he believes in health, happiness and wealth because one cannot exist without the other.

“We have less time to think in the workplace as it is all systems go and we lose the desire and time to do what we really want to do. Now is the time to do more for you, to meditate, to have fun, to be creative, to look after your health – this is a major issue. How can you be great in business and life if you are unhealthy in the mind and body, how can you make clear business decisions and lead companies into excellence if you are burnt out, stressed, and tired?” emphasised Jacob.

He appears to have a more philosophical stance on life and it may be from his many years as a Karate expert, exercising the profound discipline of martial arts into his daily life. “Karate and martial arts teaches discipline, self-control, the hunger to win, wisdom, calmness, loyalty, mind power, and how to use our mind, body, and soul in synergy. In today’s cut throat corporate battlefield where there is an acceleration of competition, we need to have the skills as a business person to survive and thrive,” said Jacob.

He terms this as the “warrior’s way” and this philosophy has been extended into his book with the belief that it will connect with potential readers when they see it at bookstores.

Jacob embraced authorship as he wanted to share and give readers the opportunity to have access to their inner warrior and super power that can transform ordinary lives to the extraordinary, just like his own personal journey.

“Super You” is not a flowery term that has been deliberately created to impress people. It essentially means that being average isn’t good enough as we have more potential than we give ourselves credit for.

“I want to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves. You are not meant to merely exist but to have a deep purpose in your life, and your mission is to realise it.”

He warns that although we all have the potential to live our best lives, we are our biggest enemy and always doubting ourselves. He believes that we have to be committed, learn new ways to achieve, have faith, and fight like a warrior to ensure nothing stands in your way.

Jacob Galea-2

在社会群体中,一些人不会为了改变命运奋力而战,更多的是遵循顺其自然或深信凡事皆有定律。但这些人中不包括 Jacob Galea,他拒绝模糊焦点,积极研究未来,从一名工厂工人摇身一变为影响社会的关键角色。

Jacob 作为成功的教练、导师,协助世界各地无数商业人士和企业开拓他们的无限潜能和领略生活真谛,并且在观众面前尽情分享他的智慧和指导。他最近还发布撰写励志和自我授权书籍:“超级的你终于诞生”,带领人们走进“超级生活”。




可是,许多人面临的基本问题之一是不断变化的超快节奏,比如企业激烈的职场竞争,所谓的“老鼠竞赛”,使我们脱离本身的人格。这也促使 Jacob 创造一种运动,人们应该在拥有健康、幸福和财富的时刻,为自己创造质量时间,因为一个人不能没有任何依存的活着。


Jacob 对生活拥有独特的哲学立场,这也是他多年来作为一名武术专家而行使的深沉纪律。武术融入他的日常生活。他说,空手道和武术教导自律、自我控制、渴望胜利、智慧,冷静与忠诚的精神力量,以及如何运用我们的思想、身体和灵魂作为协同作用。