Art Down Under 发现艺术-吉隆坡-墨尔本艺术探索

Entering its 3rd edition, Arts KL-Melbourne was one of the most anticipated Malaysian art event in Melbourne where all visitors and guests got to understand better and admire Malaysian art, in fact some of the collectors had the opportunities to own Malaysian art. Furthermore it was a good branding strategy for Malaysia as the event also encouraged other potential business opportunities and discussions through art and culture.

About 250 invited guests attended the official opening with the theme Discover Malaysia Art, declared open by the Guest of Honor, Mr Felix Wong, President of the Australia Malaysia Business Council Victoria. Other VIPs included City Councillor at City of Melbourne Cr Ken Ong, Member of Parliament of Australia Michael Sukkar MP, Patron of Multicultural Arts Victoria Jason Yeap OAM and MATRADE was represented by Director Wan Latiff and Australia Trade Commissioner Noor Hayati.

This year the Arts KL-Melbourne project has reached another milestone by having 2 Australian parties, namely the Australia Malaysia Business Council Victoria and Jasper Hotel signing a Memorandum Of Understanding to further explore and promote Malaysian art in Australia.

This is made possible through the initiative of MATRADE adopting the Malaysian art and fashion as soft export, making it possible to provide an important platform for the Malaysia creative industry to globalize.

The exhibition was held in SpACE@Collins, a prominent space strategically located in the heart of Melbourne, perfectly situated in the infamous Collins Street and within walking distance from the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square and Flinders Street railway station.


250名受邀嘉宾参加开幕仪式,主题是“发现马来西亚艺术”,宣布由贵宾澳大利亚马来西亚商务理事会 (AMBC) 维多利亚总裁 Felix Wong 主持开幕。

其他嘉宾包括墨尔本城市规划市议员Ken Ong,澳大利亚联邦议员 Michael Sukkar MP,多元艺术维多利亚的赞助者叶绍礼 (Jason Yeap OAM),马来西亚对外贸易发展局 (MATRADE) 管理服务部门高级总监 Wan Latiff 和澳大利亚贸易专员 Noor Hayati

今年的“艺术吉隆坡-墨尔本”展览项目已达至亮眼的里程碑:通过澳大利亚马来西亚商务理事会和维多利亚嘉柏酒店签署了一份谅解备忘录,进一步探讨和推动双边艺术。这是透过 MATRADE 采用艺术与时尚“软出口”主动权,从而为马来西亚创意产业全球化创造平台。

展览会在 SpACE@Collins 举行,坐落在墨尔本的心脏-柯林斯街,步行的距离内包括维多利亚国家美术馆,联邦广场和弗林德斯街火车站